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Chakradance with Conny

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🌈Do you feel disconnected and out of balance?

🌈Do you wonder what it is to feel harmony in body, mind and soul?

🌈Would you like to experience the joy of Chakradance?

Take a 9 part journey through each of the seven major chakras with Conny van Balen at The Farm for Wellbeing🌳

On the last Wednesday of each month from June to October 2024, Conny will guide you in an exploration of each chakra through movement, guided visualisations, meditation and mandala art.

Chakradance is a healing movement practice. It’s a form of nourishment for your true self – for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It offers a kind of liberation.

It feels like coming home.

Take the whole 9 part journey and improve your whole state of being emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You'll expand your positivity, productivity and the possibilities in your life.

Cost for the entire series: $260

✨Limited to 7 participants

Chakradance at The Farm

🌈29 June: Introduction to Chakradance

  • This sacred dance through all seven chakras will activate your healing journey and reveal to you which chakras you feel most at ease in and which may need dancing into balance.
  • Cost: $45

31 July: Base Chakra & Sacral Chakra

  • ❤️Base Chakra - Dance your primal, instinctual energy

The dance of the base chakra will activate your primal, instinctual energy. It will help you reclaim the wild, animal-like part of yourself and deepen your connection to the earth. From here you will feel supported and safe in your life.

  • 🧡Sacral Chakra - Dance your sacred passion and pleasure

Dancing the sacral chakra will deepen your connection with your feminine energy (no matter what gender you are). Like water, your feelings and sensuality will flow from this dance. It will awaken your inner passion and open you to experience the flow of pleasure in your life

  • Cost for both: $65

28 August: Solar Plexus Chakra & Heart Chakra

  • 💛Solar Plexus Chakra - Dance your power and purpose

As you dance the solar plexus chakra, you will activate your inner masculine energy. This fiery energy will fuel your dance helping you develop a deep bond with your confidence and strength. It will help you release what no longer serves you and move forwards in your life with courage and purpose.

  • 💚Heart Chakra - Dance profound love and compassion

The dance of the heart chakra will open you to love, kindness and compassion, for yourself and others. As you heal the buried hurts in your heart you will radiate pure love and joy into your life, your relationships and out into the world.

  • Cost for both: $65

25 September: Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra

  • 🩵Throat Chakra - Dance your authentic truth

This mantra dance will unlock your unique creativity and allow you to show up in the world in the way you are meant to. It will help you truthfully and authentically express yourself and help you live your life in harmony.

  • 💙Third Eye Chakra - Dance your intuition and clarity

As you surrender into the trance dance of the third eye chakra, you will find yourself opening up to visions, insights and higher guidance. This dance will heighten your perception and give you insight into how to handle difficult situations, or changes that need to be made in your life.

  • Cost for both: $65

30 October: Crown Chakra & Integration

  • 💜Crown Chakra - Dance your highest spirituality

This dancing prayer will open you up to receiving Universal love, grace and wisdom. As you dance with the Divine, you will become a co-creator with the Universe. This dance will awaken a sense of sacredness and gratitude in your life.

  • 🌀Integration 

This final dance in the series is a sacred dance of finding wholeness within. As you reconnect back with all of your chakras, you will experience all of the different facets of you dancing together as one. This dance will reveal to you the beautiful being that you are. You will feel the freedom of being you.

  • Cost for both: $65
Luna Tent

In Chakradance we dance barefoot and in darkness (or eye masks).

All sessions include eye masks to enhance your inner journey, paper and pastels for the mandala art exercise.

At The Farm for Wellbeing we will hold sessions in the Luna Tent.

What to bring:

  • A yoga mat
  • Wear comfortable clothing in which you can easily move
  • Should the weather be cold, you may like to wear socks instead of going barefoot
  • Water bottle
  • Journal and pen to record any thoughts, feelings, experiences ***Those booking in for the entire 9 part journey will be given a notebook and a folder for your mandala art

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