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    A HypnoBreathwork Experience | Thurs 27th June | Bondi Vixen

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    Release suppressed emotions, enhance your creativity and transform your wellbeing through your breath!

    Join me for a deep experiential HypnoBreathwork session to let go of any limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions and blocked energy, and reconnect to the true feeling of being you.

    Change your brain neurologically from being a record of the past to becoming a map to the future.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

    HypnoBreathwork creates new neural connections and pathways in the brain, transporting us into an altered state of consciousness, enabling us to generate new ideas, new insights and new perspectives.

    It heightens our sense of clarity and dramatically enhances our creative capacity, allowing us to access what's commonly referred to as flow state.

    Once you drop in, you'll start to see your business, your relationship, your role, your idea - even your life - from a whole new perspective. And from there you can start taking action towards the life you truly want.


    I’ve been to two Breathwork workshops with Dave, both equally mindblowing and life changing. The fastest way to smash through things you’re facing or things you didn’t even know you needed to face. - Tash

    I just want to say thank you! Gosh it was a wild experience, I’m still not sure what happened! But something has shifted. I felt like I achieved something that I haven’t been able to do in years of talk therapy - Priya

    That's the best feeling I've ever had. Everyone on the planet should experience this! Angus

    So good Dave - loved it! I’ve been doing a lot of public speaking at work lately and this session brought up a lot about my self confidence and why I had been fearing it, and then allowed me to release that fear. Loved the music too! Lucy

    Dave is magical. I’ve done lots of breathwork, but none that gives the clarity I get from Dave’s sessions. I get out of my head, two feet in the ground, and so much clarity on my goals - all from a very honest place. It’s like being put on a better more steady frequency. Lauren

    What an incredible journey. Full body, mind and soul. Emotions came out and created the space for absolute clarity. A vision for the now and future. I also feel a calmness about some big changes that are coming. Rick

    You've literally changed my life. Wow - Nardia

    What is HypnoBreathwork?

    Hypnobreathwork combines breathwork, hypnosis, visioning and meditation into one short but incredibly powerful experience.

    It works by using a specific breathing technique to clear suppressed energy from the body while allowing us to access our subconscious mind.

    Sessions can be used to help process emotions from past experiences, relationships or traumas, and to release stored stress and anxiety.

    They can also be used to enhance clarity and creativity, as well as increase our sense of energy and vitality.

    Both are incredibly powerful and beneficial to creating a more meaningful, vibrant and fulfilling life.


    Dave Murphy

    Dave spent the first 15 years of his career in marketing, working with some of the most iconic brands across the world. After a transformative breathwork experience during a retreat in the Netherlands in 2015, he began to experiment with breathwork as a means to enhance creativity and wellbeing, bringing a greater sense of meaning to his life.

    Dave has since studied multiple modalities of breathwork and human health, as well as the neuroscience of flow state & peak performance. Today he helps teams and business leaders generate greater levels of clarity, creativity, confidence and connection.

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