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Become a Core Gift Master Facilitator | 2 Day Workshop | August 2024

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For teams: navigate with clarity:

Not just a personal beacon, core gifts can be instrumental for team leaders and managers to steer their teams toward cohesive growth and elevated outcomes.

For individuals: discover Your essence:

Dive into the heart of what makes you unique. Unearth the innate qualities that define your life's purpose.

For community developers: growing community

Learn to help community members discover their gifts, while fostering a greater sense of inclusion and belonging in the community.


Join us for this 2-day training workshop, designed to deliver you a Master Facilitator Certification in the Core Gift Discovery© process. 

You don’t need to bring anything except your curiosity and open heart. Whilst you do not need any prior knowledge or experience of Gift Discovery work, you may find it useful to dip your toes into two other online sessions we are hosting in this Gifts Discovery series (see below for links)


What is this thing called a ‘gift’?

A gift is something we all have inside us, like an “inner quality” or characteristic, that is shaped by our life experiences. 

It’s something we love to give to others, and take joy in sharing. It guides our life’s choices and the way we interact with others.

It’s not the same as being “good” at something, like a sport… it’s something far more intricate and unique to you, and only you!

You’ve probably heard the saying “a gift isn’t a gift until it’s given’ before? This is because showing up in meaningful ways and sharing our gifts is an extraordinarily important means of building relationships and sparking connection.

Understanding and using our gifts is both an old and a new idea. Many traditional cultures and faiths, centuries old, used specific methods to identify and grow gifts in their members. Now, modern neuroscience and positive psychology have proven that we can find meaning in our lives and work, and thrive by knowing and giving our gifts to others.


Unlocking Potential and Purpose in Teams and Individuals.

Your core gift isn't just about personal fulfillment. For leaders and managers, understanding core gifts can transform team dynamics, boost productivity, and elevate job satisfaction. By leveraging this knowledge, leaders can foster a culture where individuals align their gifts with organizational goals, enhancing collective outcomes.

Knowing one's core gift is essential to navigating one's life and career purposefully. It provides unparalleled clarity in career decisions, job satisfaction, understanding team behaviors, and fostering genuine connections. Now, imagine amplifying this understanding across an entire team or organization. Become the catalyst for a profound culture change.

Cultivating Thriving Communities

Become a Master Gift Facilitator and help others in the community to discover their gifts, and help them create the conditions that enable these gifts to be spread further into the community, thus enriching lives and nourishing relationships that allow everyone to thrive. Helping community members to find out their gifts is the first step towards supporting them to believe that they have something meaningful to contribute. 


This workshop is part of a series in partnership with the Jeder Institute and the Core Gift Institute:


Meet your facilitators

Dee Brooks | Community Facilitator & Trainer, Jeder Institute

Based on two decades of grassroots work, Dee’s background is in youth work, community-based research and community-university outreach and she is a firm believer in the power of tapping into the collective wisdom of a community to strengthen and build on what’s already there. Through her down-to-earth style, Dee brings people together in dynamic ways to realise and engage the full potential of their networks and communities.  

Nicola-Jane le Breton | Thinking Partner & Community Story Weaver, Befriend

Nicola is a gifted storyteller and facilitator, dedicated to creating inclusive spaces for individuals to discover and share their unique gifts. With a deep belief in the transformative power of story, she guides meaningful encounters through writing circles and storytelling journeys. A co-founder of The Possibility Fellowship, Nicola is also a certified Master Facilitator of Core Gift Discovery.

Elaine Olsen | Facilitator, Partnership and Business Development Lead, Befriend

Elaine is a seasoned learning facilitator with expertise in Compassionate Systems Framework, Theory U, Warm Data Labs and Core Gift Discovery. She brings a unique blend of methodologies and a systems perspective to community development and leadership training. Elaine believes transformation occurs when we develop our own internal being and capability in a deep relational way with others


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"I feel honoured to witness the unfoldment of one's core gift statement. I now see and truly feel the power a gift of being a Core Gift Master Facilitator. I look forward to being a witness to the unfoldment and discovery of more gifted beings".

– Natasha, Core Gift Master Facilitator Training, Nov 2023, Western Australia

"The gift approach is helping us build a resilient workforce that is able to stay hopeful and not get lost in the pain, sadness and fear of very difficult work in increasingly challenging and unsettled times."

– Deb Everley, CEO, Kenora Association for Community Living, Canada (about her organisation's work with the Core Gift Institute)

"Introducing the Core Gift Discovery in my organization gave us the freedom and permission to connect us in a deeper way. Core Gift practices have helped us become an organization that meets obstacles with grace and determination."

– Wendy Carpenter, CEO, Penny Lane Centers, California, U.S.(about her organisation's work with the Core Gift Institute)

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