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    DISCOVER SHAMANIC BREATHWORK-For healing and transformation

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    Join Krisy and Krti for a 3-hour powerful  Shamanic Breathwork experience.

    We have created this event to support those who are searching for HEALING and TRANSFORMATION. Or, to take a deep dive into the transpersonal realms and dimensions of your PSYCHE. Psychologists call this 'THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS' Where past, present, and future are contained within the lower, middle, or upper worlds. The world we live in is the middle world. The upper world is the domain of our destiny and our spirit. The lower world is the realm of our soul, where we can journey to receive, and heal wounded lost soul parts during a moment of trauma and crisis. Causing conflicting emotions and turmoil.
    If you have been struggling with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, trauma, deep wounding, grief, despair.. etc
    Want to rise above it? This ancient breathing practice that's shape-shifting the world.

    What is Shamanic Breathwork?
    This practice is an invitation for All people to embark on a sacred pilgrimage into their own spirit & true soul purpose. Even if you have never done breathwork before. It has the potential to break through emotional barriers. And, maybe the KEY to taking back control, is to empower and free yourself.

    Did you know that your breath is more powerful than you imagine it to be? It can be a catalyst for liberating your energy. When you can look at ways of using your breath consciously as a healing aid to 'just relax' or working on some 'crippling emotional energy block' as a result of a traumatic event.

    Harboring some unexpressed (unresolved )emotional feelings-anger fear, grief, sadness, loneliness, etc. Breath expresses-reflects these human limitations exactly, from the time of birth until the moment of death. But, breath can go far beyond our normal human frailties and self-limiting beliefs. When we can learn to channel and direct our breath to help in the healing & clearing out disease
    Come lay down, rest your head, close your eyes, and you will be guided to consciously connect your inhale with
    your exhale. (very simple). Be taken on a journey. Beyond the depths of the 'EGO MIND' into an altered/non-ordinary state of being to your soul origin. The journey is enhanced by a live DJ/sound healer- Krti Psyskrit

    Here, your soul's infinite wisdom can dissolve, release on a cellular level, and shape-shift your whole perception in the light of your true purpose. And, soar you into deep introspection that's been longing to be integrated back to our true loving state.
    Wherever you are on your path, this process honors the timeless wisdom of shamanic traditions, with emerging new paradigm methods of healing. 


    • Deep relaxation

    • Reduce anxiety and stress

    • Improve sleep and well being

    • Boost immune system

    • Increase energy

    • Release trauma and trigger pattern

    • Release stuck emotions held in the body

    •Rebalance the central nervous system

    • Release of blockages and build-up of tension in the body

    • Gain direction in life by deepening your connection with your authentic self

    • Freedom from limiting beliefs and behaviors

    This practice we teach has been derived from Star Wolf of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. See, as well as influential figures in transpersonal Psychology including Stanislav Groff. To allow yr breath to ascend you into non-ordinary: altered' states of consciousness for exploring healing, and insights into the human psyche.

    Dr. Joe Dispenza of best selling author of Evolve your brain, who has worked in the field of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics proves how this ancient technique bridges the gap between science and spirituality.

    This 3-hour intimate gathering (9 participants) will include:

    -Sage smudging upon entry to energetically cleanse our sacred space

    -Introduction (20 minutes)

     -Shamanic Breathwork Journey (1 1/2 hours) including drumming, and a live DJ sound mix by Krti Psyskrit

    -Personal devotion and reflection through Mandala Drawing or journaling. (snacks will be given out during this time)

    -Dyad sharing and witnessing (15 minutes)

    -Tips for integration, resources, and time to allow for any questions. This is also time to allow the group field to express itself and stir us into becoming aware of whatever innate intelligence wants to arise during our time together.


    Kristine Conroy: Is a fully qualified Registered Nurse, a Psychiatric Nurse of 30 years, An Ordained Shamanic Minister, and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, trained By Linda Star Wolf. Also, trained by Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing/Breathwork, ReikiMaster, Intuitive Healer/lightworker, Meditation Teacher, Psychic Medium for paranormal investigation, and Massage Therapist.
    Krti Psyskrit: Shamanic DJ/Producer, Parapsychologist, Ordained Shamanic Minister & Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator trained through Venus Rising. Association for Transformation (USA), Certified Reiki Master/teacher Paranormal Investigator.

    This work is a very powerful experiential tool for accessing your inner healer and can greatly intensify your transformational process. Because the process brings up and releases stuck emotions and strong physical experience, this work is NOT suitable if you suffer the following conditions
    Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Heart conditions, Pregnancy, recent surgery
    Currently taking medication for major mental health issues-psychosis, major depression, bipolar disorder.
    If you suffer from asthma, please bring your inhaler with you.

    If you are concerned about physical limitations on whether you can do this please get in touch to discuss.
    Strictly NO Drugs or Alcohol to be taken before. This is a drug-free event.
    Please refrain from eating anything heavy for at least 3 hours before the
    session. Drinks & snacks will be given afterward.

    A waiver of liability will have to be signed before the session.

    Krisy Conroy: Mobile: 0404058176

    Feel how this transformational process could make a difference and support you.

    We look forward to welcoming you.

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