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    Angels Of The Heart | Group Meditation and Heart to Heart Sharing

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    Hello, beautiful Souls,

    You have now embraced the wisdom within "The Living Goddess Code," you've taken a bold step towards igniting the divine spark within you. Your journey through its pages has unveiled the path to your inner goddess and sown the seeds of transformation, inviting you to explore deeper realms of your spiritual essence.

    Now, imagine amplifying that transformation in a sacred space surrounded by a circle of women who, like you, are on a quest to embody their divinity fully. I am delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to you to partake in the "Living Goddess Meditation", conducted in person as a group. This unique gathering is crafted for women who have been touched by "The Living Goddess Code" and are ready to elevate their experience through the power of communal meditation.

    The Benefits of In-Person Group Meditation: Amplified Collective Energy: 

    Practicing the Living Goddess Meditation in a group setting magnifies the collective energy, creating a potent environment for deep spiritual work. This heightened energy facilitates a natural connection to the divine feminine and divine masculine, enhancing your personal experience and allowing for balancing, healing and awakening. The shared intentions and focus of the group act as a catalyst, elevating your meditation practice to new heights and enabling you to access states of consciousness that may be more challenging to achieve alone.

    Sacred Supportive Community: 

    Engaging in this journey with a circle of like-minded women fosters a sense of belonging and support that is both empowering and healing. This community becomes a sanctuary where you can openly share your experiences, insights, and challenges. The bonds formed in this sacred space offer emotional and spiritual support, encouraging vulnerability and growth. As you witness and are witnessed on your journey, you'll find strength in the collective vulnerability, deepening your commitment to your path and reinforcing your sense of empowerment.

    Direct Guidance and Shared Wisdom: 

    Participating in the Living Goddess Meditation as a group provides the opportunity for direct guidance from myself, the author of "The Living Goddess Code." This guidance is tailored to the group's energy and needs, offering personalized insights and adjustments that enrich your meditation practice. Furthermore, the shared wisdom emerging from group discussions after meditation sessions illuminates different facets of your Soul, offering diverse perspectives and deepening your understanding and connection to the Living Goddess.This is your invitation to step into a circle of transformation, deepen your practice, and celebrate the divine feminine in communion with others who walk this path. Embrace this opportunity to manifest the teachings of "The Living Goddess Code" in your life, supported by the collective strength and wisdom of a community dedicated to rising together.

    Heart to Heart

    LOCATION: Mezzanine 55

    55 Rundle St, Kent Town SA 5067, Australia

    P.S. Spaces are limited, as I aim to create an intimate and powerful experience for each participant. 

    Reserve your spot in this sacred journey and prepare to unlock new dimensions of your divine essence.

    Cost - $35.00 per person
    (maxium of 10 people in each group)

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