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    Crystal Cavern Meditation - live via Zoom

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    Explore your very own crystal cavern and absorb all the healing goodness it has ready for you. There will be a chance to meet your spiritual dragon protector too... this one is definitely not to be missed. Channeled using amethyst this gorgeous meditation will send you into a deep healing space where you can escape the pressures and challenges of your everyday world. While you heal, there will be stunning hidden treasures and insightful messages just for you - it's like a mini retreat for the body and mind.

    My name is Alisa Coleman, I’m your meditation facilitator and founder of Triangle Healing and will be your host and guide for the evening. These wonderful meditation journeys have been channeled through my incredible spiritual team who provide a gentle yet expansive environment where you are held safely and strongly, allowing you to deepen your practice.

    Using the energy of crystals helps to deepen your meditation, enhancing your experience and provides a greater opportunity for healing. Try holding a crystal you are drawn to, while you meditate.

    As we're via Zoom, arrange your space so you will be comfortable either lying or sitting, consider a blanket, pillows and eye-mask, smudge the space if possible before hand, ensure your phone is on silent, remove any digital devices such as watches, ensure you will have no distractions (including children, partners, tv's, pets etc), perhaps bring in some beauty with fresh flowers, whatever you feel drawn to do, but really allow yourself to feel tranquil just sitting in your area. It can be nice to have a journal handy just in case you'd like to make notes after your meditation.

    Once we have all returned from our astral travels, you are welcome to participate in a group chat about our experiences, or if you prefer to listen that's completely fine too, there is no pressure to stay for this part of the evening, and you are welcome to leave the space whenever you feel ready.

    Take this perfect opportunity to carve some ‘Me Time' into your life and send deep relaxation throughout your entire body at a cellular level.

    Thank you and we'll see you on Zoom soon!

    With love and light



    Please note

    *To book your ticket, click the "BUY TICKETS" button. This will take you to the payment page.

    *Your link to the event will be sent to you via email once you have booked your ticket, any issues please contact me at

    *Even though I love candles, I do not recommend burning candles during meditations. You wouldn't leave a candle burning if you left the house - and you're basically leaving the house! You will have your eyes closed so won't see the candle to ensure its safe.

    *Please ensure you have NO pets in the room and that anyone else in the house knows you should be left in peace

    *Ensure your phone is on silent, remove any digital devices such as watches

    *Remove all distractions before the event - including children, partners, tv's, pets etc, you want to feel tranquil, still, undisturbed and quiet in your meditation space

    *Consider using an aromatherapy diffuser, singing bowl or crystals rather than incense for clearing the space, or smudge prior to the event, smoke can irritate your heightened senses during meditation causing distraction

    *Have a glass of water at hand, however keep it away from electronic devices!


    Please honor the time and attention that goes into creating an event such as this. Refunds are not available however you are welcome to transfer to a friend or family member should you be unable to attend.

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