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Dinners with a Difference - Bittersweet

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Event description

Dinners with a Difference is a facilitated discussion over a meal that dips beneath the surface of everyday conversations.

Come solo or bring a friend that you'd like to get to know better. 

This month's topic is BITTERSWEET

Bittersweetness permeates our lives, intertwining moments of joy with threads of sorrow, leaving us to navigate the complex tapestry of human experience. For some, it manifests as the exhilarating rush of achievement tinged with the pang of loss, while for others, it may be the sweet taste of nostalgia mixed with the bitterness of longing.

Our experience of the bittersweet is nuanced and influenced by a myriad of factors including our individual emotions, societal norms, and cultural expectations. In a world where positivity is often celebrated and negativity is sometimes stigmatised, navigating the complexities of bittersweetness can be particularly challenging. Embracing bittersweetness requires resilience, introspection, and an acceptance of life's inherent contradictions.

This dinner offers a space for contemplation and conversation about the multifaceted nature of bittersweetness in our lives. How do we navigate the delicate balance between pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow? Can bittersweet experiences lead to personal growth and transformation? How do we find beauty in moments that evoke conflicting emotions? Together, let's explore the richness and complexity of bittersweetness, sharing our stories and insights as we unravel its mysteries.


Your ticket includes a selection of entrees and mains, with dietary needs thoughtfully catered for. Drinks will be available for purchase on the night, ensuring a well rounded dining experience. To enrich the conversation, a prerequisite questionnaire will be emailed to attendees the week before the event. We kindly ask that you complete the short form prior to attending.

With the entire restaurant exclusively reserved for our dinner, we'll have the freedom to express ourself authentically and engage in vibrant dialogue without hesitation. 


Feedback from previous participants

"Dive in and give it a go. So worthwhile, stimulating and full of insightful conversation."

"A great night where you get to eat delicious food with a diverse array of interesting people all open to deep conversations. As well as the deep thoughtful conversations, there are always loads of laughs."

"It’s an opportunity to drop your guard - the normalities of day to day, and any roles/responsibilities. It’s quite liberating to discuss meaningful topics as a (relatively) anonymous person and speak truthfully without a filter. How bloody refreshing!"

"Chatting with random strangers was really fun."

"As a young Aussie guy, most of the conversations I have are surface level, sports-based, or just entirely sledging, which I love, but I don't really have the opportunity to philosophically explore topics or share meaningful (and related) anecdotes in a respectful forum where I could be challenged, encouraged and introspective, just for the sake of good conversation.
Finding good chats as an adult gets harder and harder, but this took me back to being freshly 18 and enjoying that good old Aussie tradition of a drunk 'DnM' (Deep and Meaningful). Happy to be philosophical and vulnerable - cracked open emotionally and intellectually - only now a little less drunk and much more comfortable."

"Gretel creates a safe and inclusive space where people can be seen and heard amongst a group of complete strangers! Conversation is gently guided with good humour with a nod to complexity and nuance. Dialogue is liberated and reinvented in a fun and casual atmosphere."

"So, those questions you have about the way the world is right now, and your place in it, and how you would like people you can share that with, and how you are feeling about all that? Bring all of it. That's what Dinners with a Difference is for."

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