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Divine Truth, USA, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Living Room Talk 1

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By registering for this event, you indicate your agreement in perpetuity to the terms outlined in the Divine Truth Participant Release Form.

If you cannot agree to all the terms for a participant attending any Divine Truth event laid out in our Participant Release Form on our website, then you must not attend any of our events. By registering for, or attending any Divine Truth event, you automatically indicate your agreement to those terms.

For more information visit the Divine Truth website and

The address for these living room talks will be sent to registrants via private email.

Full schedule for this event:

Friday, 4 October - 11am to 4pm

Saturday 5 October - 11am to 4pm

Sunday 6 October - 11am to 4pm (with possible adjustment to times or attendees, any changes to be indicated on Saturday 5 October in the afternoon)

Living room talks by Jesus & Mary help sincere participants to understand God's Truth, receive God's Love, apply God's Truth, and live God's Way daily:

- Jesus selects a topic or topics for the day

- Sincere on-topic questions will be answered

- Talks focus on the practical application of spiritual concepts in daily life

- Topics focus on how to receive God's Love, be humble, confronting personal error, desire truth and live in harmony with God's Laws and Principles

- Potential discussions with spirits

- For smaller informal groups of 30-60 people

- Seating will be relaxed and informal

- Please bring a floor cushion or floor seat if you are comfortable sitting on the floor

- Chairs and rest room facilities will be available at the venue

- Please wear cool, comfortable clothing as this venue may be hot


Every Divine Truth event may be audio and video recorded. Recordings are shared to create an accurate public representation of what happened during the event, so that all persons, whether they attend the event or not, are able to benefit from what happened during the event.

Please be respectful of the recording and don't make unnecessary noises during the event. People who are not respectful will be removed from the event.

If you do not wish to have your face or voice recorded, then please do not register for or attend any Divine Truth event.

By registering for and attending any event you consent, in perpetuity:

1. To a recording being made of you (both audio or visual) during the event, and;

2. To the usage and sharing free of charge of any such recording in a public manner, and;

3. To Jesus & Mary sharing the material via the Divine Truth website, Divine Truth public servers, Divine Truth download servers, and Divine Truth video and audio sharing platforms worldwide.

Important Notes

1. Jesus and Mary will endeavor to use recordings in a respectful manner, and for teaching purposes.

2. Please consider that unloving people may copy Divine Truth material for free and use the material in a dishonest, disrespectful, or even malicious manner (this is often the case with media outlets).

3. Your likeness and recording of your voice, once shared on the internet, is virtually impossible to remove from the internet even if it is later removed from the Divine Truth website, Divine Truth public servers, Divine Truth download servers, and Divine Truth video and audio sharing platforms worldwide.

4. Insincere participants (as adjudicated by Jesus & Mary) will be asked to leave any event.

Please be loving when booking to attend any event.

Keep in mind;

- Please only book places for people (you and others you may know) who are sincere about receiving personal truth, prepared to confront personal error, and who want to learn more about the practical, personal application of God's Truth, and who respect Jesus and Mary as a source of God's Truth on earth.

- People who are unloving to Jesus and Mary, or to other participants, will be asked to leave.

- Do not book if you cannot attend every day of any 2-3 day event.

- As spaces are limited, please cancel your booking if you are no longer able or no longer plan to attend. This loving act will allow a person on the waiting list to take your space.

- If you are on a waitlist we suggest you stay on the waitlist, since we hope to be able to find another larger venue to accommodate the extra people for the same dates

- If you wish to attend living room talks in multiple locations, please consider people who may only be able to attend in one country. Spaces at some venues (e.g. Belgium, Chapel Hill, and Portugal) are very limited. We may ask people who have booked for multiple events to not attend every event they have booked if other people who cannot attend elsewhere, and who are waitlisted for an event wish to attend.


Are there any prerequisites for attendance?

Yes. A desire to learn more about God's Love, God's Truth, to be humble and respect the presenters and other attendees. You do not need to have listened to any material presented by Jesus and Mary before attendance (but you may at times find it difficult to follow if you have not).

Can I bring my child/children?

Children are welcome to attend. However, their safety and conduct are the responsibility of the parent or adult who has brought them. If your child is loud or interuptive, please remove them and yourself from the event so that others can continue to listen, and the recordings are not affected.

What facilities are there at the event?

We try to make rest rooms, and water, available at every event. We recommend every person brings a personal drink bottle. We normally break every hour for around 5-10 minutes to allow for rest room breaks.

The number of rest rooms at people's homes is obviously limited. Please be respectful of the personal space of the generous people who have provided their homes to meet in. For larger events, the facilities will be provided by the venue, and we shall publish the venue details for you to examine.

Is food provided at any event?

No. Please bring your own drinks, snacks, or lunch for the day. We do not want people eating during the presentations, since it harms the sound recordings.

Some venues do not allow eating inside, but we usually break for 20 minutes halfway through the event if you wish to eat. Some living rooms are very tight for space and may require eating outside. Please be responsible with litter.

Is there parking available?

There will be limited parking at this event. We suggest a taxi, or ride share service where possible.
The address for these talks and more details about parking will be supplied to registrants via private email.

Can I attend for only one of the days in this event?

No. Please attend for the full 2 or 3 days that the event will run. In some circumstances we may allow alternate arrangements, but this must be approved by Jesus & Mary. Jesus & Mary may also invite people to attend on extra days if spaces become available.

If by arrangement you do attend less days, please be aware that information presented on prior days may be referenced and you may find the material difficult to follow, and we do not wish to repeat information we have previously presented to the rest of the participants.

Are there arrangements for group travel or accommodation?

Divine Truth Pty Ltd, and Jesus & Mary do not facilitate group bookings or provide assistance for attendees to find accommodation or make travel arrangements.

Divine Truth Pty Ltd, and Jesus & Mary have not previously met most people attending their events and take no responsibility for private share arrangements made by participants.

Jesus & Mary do not vet or police the character of persons attending Divine Truth events, so you need to make your own arrangements knowing that there are risks associated with each private arrangement.

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