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Documentary Screening - Kiva The Call of the Wisdom Keepers with Wisdom Keeper Cheryl Angel + Music & Meditation (GLASGOW)

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KIVA – The Call of the Wisdom Keepers - A message of Hope from the Original People.

We are very excited to invite you to this unique evening with film screening of the impressive documentary - KIVA The Call of the Wisdom Keepers as well as music, meditation and an inspiring dialogue with:

· Lakota Wisdom Keeper and Water Protector Cheryl Angel (USA)

· Film maker Marijke Kodden (The Netherlands)

· Social Entrepreneur Michelle Sutherland (Scotland)

In a world that is becoming increasingly removed from nature and seems out of balance, there is great need and longing for a different perspective, a perspective of healing, harmony and the return to the essence of our nature.

At a time when humanity is confronted with more adversity than ever, this film captures the essence of a unique and ancient ceremony. A ceremony that - after a vision in 1968 - was restored and where leaders of indigenous peoples from all over the world have been uniting for 30 years for Peace, Equality and Reconnection with Mother Earth!

The KIVA ceremony is a collective ‘Call’ from the Original Peoples: they have never lost touch with nature and with their ancient wisdom they can inspire us to a more connected and sustainable way of life! Wisdom that has been known for centuries, but has been lost to the general public.

Because of the moving prayers and the impressive conversations with the Wisdom Keepers – the viewer is invited to reflect upon: how to restore and heal our relationship with the Earth. ‘Because she is crying and is calling her children home!’

It is a final call and invitation from the Indigenous Peoples, which brings hope to all and provides tools on how we can restore the relationship with our Earth Mother and each other!

Information about the guest speakers:

* Lakota Wisdom Keeper Cheryl Angel (USA)

Cheryl is a native leader and venerable (Sioux) Lakota Elder woman. She is a water guardian, and descends from the Sicangu tribe of South Dakota. Mniwiconi (Lakota) - Water is Life. She supported Sacred Stone Camp, during the occupation of Standing Rock to stop the Dakota Access Pipe Line. She carried the message Stand with Standing Rock, Defend the Sacred and most important Mniwiconi, Water is Life.

Cheryl Angel has been traveling extensively over the past six years, connecting with indigenous and non- indigenous women and people living in sustainable communities. Those travels – and a sacred staff she was entrusted with – are what inspired the Sovereign Sisters Gathering that Cheryl has organised in the sacred and besieged Black Hills of South Dakota.

In Rapid City, she is the Matriarch of 9 young relatives. Her ‘tiwahe’ (family) is 9 fold. Cheryl Angel has worked intensively to return lands back to the Indigenous People. Currently she is launching a national campaign to make the theft of the Black Hills a National Issue.

Next to that she is hoping to built a farm for the 12 native horses, that were gifted to her. As the ancient and native horse race holds indigenous wisdom and energy, they are really important for the healing of traumatised children, to also reconnect to their native wisdom. Cheryl Angel wants to guide these children.

* Filmdirector Marijke Kodden (The Netherlands)

In 2018, filmmaker and photographer Marijke Kodden was granted permission - as one of the first and few - to film the unique KIVA ceremonies in Mexico (2018), India (2019), Netherlands (2018/2019) and Germany (2021). Together with Rakinah Buttner and Jaap Verhoeven, she created an impressive documentary (56 min.) Marijke: 'The voice of Mother Earth emerges through the voice of the Wisdom Keepers. She calls her children home.

Through their voices we are also called: what are we doing in 2024, what is our reason for existing, why are we here? Can we make contact again? With the earth, our roots, our ancestors? It is said that you can only grow if you are well rooted. And we are the 'Ancestors' of the children who are here now and the children who are being born. Are we true to our truth that lies deep within and how can we also take the 7 generations behind us and seven generations before us into account in our choices? Feeling where our roots are and the above questions are discussed in the film.

* Social Entrepreneur Michelle Sutherland (Scotland)

Michelle Sutherland is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Definitii. She first saw this documentary in May 2023 and immediately knew in her heart that she had to bring this to Scotland.

Michelle's deep belief is that our Indigenous People are the original Social Entrepreneurs. They are the ones that have a deep connection to Mother Earth and have lived in harmony with her for thousands of years. Their culture is to look after their people, their community and the planet something that most people and businesses are striving to achieve or have simply forgotten how to do.

Michelle believes that to truly build companies that benefit people, communities and our planet then we must tune into the wisdom of our First Nations people around the world. She believes the more spaces we co-create to simply listen to indigenous voices the better.

Michelle's vision is that the Kiva Ceremony with all the Kiva Wisdom Keepers from around the world will come to Scotland one day and positively impact Scotland's people and its land.

This is the first time this documentary will be screened in Scotland and please note this is a community event and all money collected is covering the costs of Marijke and Cheryl to be with us and for running the event.

Thank you to the Glasgow Theosophical Society for supporting this community event.


Please note that Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic teacher, The Isis School of Holistic Health and the Glasgow Theosophical Society are hosting a Ceremonial Circle with our Wisdom Keeper Cheryl the evening before the documentary on Monday 26th August. All details below:

Ceremonial Circle of Dreaming the New Earth

We share medicine with Native American Wisdom Keeper and Elder Cheryl Angel of the Lakota Sioux nation who has been instrumental in the KIVA work and documentary, spreading positive seeds for the healing of human kind, the Earth and all beings. 

The Circle will be a cauldron of Celtic shamanic traditions and Native American wisdom. We will weave together in the one tapestry, the magic of this land and the magic of the native lands across the seas. 

Cost for this Circle: £21.00 – paid either by PayPal ( or by bank transfer to Fotoula's Business Account. (Please email for bank details).

Advanced booking is required via to confirm that space is available 

Some of the proceeds will got to Cheryl for her healing work for the land and people, with 12 horses. If people wish to donate cash to the horse project, it will be accepted on the night. If you wish to donate and cannot attend, donations can be made again into Fotoula's Business Account. 

No previous experience of journeying is required. If you have a drum or rattle, please bring it along (optional). 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Directors: Marijke Kodden / Jaap Verhoeven

Production: Marijke Kodden / Rakinah Buttner

Countries filmed: Mexico, India, Germany and The Netherlands

Duration: 56 minutes

More background information about the film and film trailer:

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