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Regency Dungeons and Dragons: Intermediate Edition (Levels 3-5, 1-5 players per time slot)

Come join us at Regency Retro for a dive into the fantastical realms of Fantasy and adventure through a challenging adventure for those who have a fair grasp of the rules for Dungeons and Dragons: 5E. Slay Princesses, Woo Dragons, and Rescue Knights. (I might have gotten them mixed up along the way, but this is dungeons and dragon do it your way. Just remember actions have consequences)

What to expect from this One-Shot Adventure

Our setting is your character’s home village of Regent’s Rest. You have returned home to meet up with old friends you have not seen in years. Upon reaching your home village, it is not the same happy place you remember, old friends and family members have turned cold. Can you determine the cause?

Meta or Out of Game knowledge:

This is our next level up for those that understand the basic mechanics of 5E who are ready to try out some more advanced and interesting things for their characters. You will be introduced to feats and some fun aspects of your class (For most classes, you get to pick your subclass) with this one-shot. Once again there will be premade characters available for the players that you are able to tweak backgrounds and other minor things like appearance and gender to your desired look. Only the race, class, and name would be asked to stay the same. Unlike our beginner’s one shot you are allowed to make a character and bring it in under the following conditions:

The backstory is appropriate for a level three character(No one handed slaying of entire armies unless it was just a really good dream)

You must use the standard array/adventure leagues rules for stats: Distribute the 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8 to your abilities. (No 18s for all of your skills, our GM was born at night, just not last night)

All content currently published by Wizards of the Coast may be used in the creation of your character. No Homebrew classes or items are allowed. (The GM still remembers the Hellknight homebrew class from 3.5E IYKYK)

The Ruleset Edition we are using is Dungeons and Dragons: 5E

The GM uses two homebrew rules:

The Rule of Cool: A Natural 20 on a 20-sided dice means an automatic success in whatever your attempt was regardless of skill bonuses. A Natural 1 will result in a failure regardless of skill bonuses. Be advised these successes and failures are up to the GM and prone to real world consequences. Such as if you jump off a cliff and try to flap your arms to fly and get anything but a twenty, well that ground looks awful hard. But if you get a twenty, well you just might defy physics. Risk, Reward, and Consequence.

Potions as a Bonus Action: Rule for those parties who decided they did not want a healer glaring at them every time they did something risky and paid the price. Drinking a health potion as a full action will give the maximum health points for that potion, doing it as a bonus action means you will have to roll for it. Remember trying to drink a potion and swing a sword at the same time is a messy affair.

Thankfully potion stains wash out (Usually, the Regency Retro is not responsible for any marked or unmarked potions that you may drink or possibly spill on yourself.)

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