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Unleash Your Learning Team's Productivity by Mastering the Latest educational AI Technologies for Creating Learning Solutions

We have secured trials for five tools that will supercharge your learning design efforts. Bring your fingers to the keyboard for five interactive sessions! Hands-on Comprehensive Workshop of expert facilitators.  Yes, you get to make and create!

L&D leaders are superheroes, doing so much more with so much less. They face the daunting task of delivering engaging, effective training programs with fewer people, less budget, and tighter deadlines. It's no wonder that time constraints are a constant challenge, particularly with the explosion of AI tools and the pressure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in workplace learning. 

Add to that the stress of overworked and stretched teams, some on the verge of burnout, and it's clear that L&D leaders need a game-changing solution. That's where AI comes in. 

AI has the power to revolutionize the productivity of all learning and development teams. It can help teams reduce copywriting hours by hundreds of hours a year. The same applies to designing and developing in-person or live virtual workshops. With AI-generated text to image, you can create alluring and engaging visuals to appeal to all learners. Quizzes and assessments with scorecards and results can take under an hour on any given topic. And AI can even create text to videos using avatars so real, you might not know it's not a human. 

The best part? AI is just getting started. It's promising to free up time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and improving the learning experience for employees. With AI, L&D leaders can be more productive, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a new era of learning and development. 


Are you a Capability Manager or Learning Leader looking to do more with less budget and time in regard to training content development? Take our quiz for valuable feedback on saving time with AI.

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Introducing the power of "AI Collaboration"   

"AI Collaboration" is  a unique mechanism that sets apart from the rest. By bringing together four industry-leading AI experts, our workshop provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for participants to not only learn from the best but work alongside them in completing real-life projects. This hands-on approach is what sets us apart. No more theory-based learning or hypothetical scenarios - at, we focus on practical, applicable skills that will drive real results for your team. With AI Collaboration, you'll not only walk away with a deeper understanding of AI tools, but completed projects that demonstrate your newfound skills and knowledge.  

With's expert-led workshops, L&D leaders can learn how to use AI tools that can save hundreds and thousands of hours per year, create engaging content quickly and cost-effectively, and keep up with the latest trends and technologies in workplace learning. What you learn in the lab will  enable your teams  to create vast amounts of content without compromising on quality or overwhelming your team. With, you can create a more equitable workplace learning environment that supports the diverse needs of your staff while freeing up time for more important projects. 

Join us today and experience the power of AI Collaboration for yourself. 

Don’t get left behind. 
What will you learn? 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of AI tools and their application in different parts of the planning, design and development of learning content. 
  • Understand how to leverage AI tools to enhance productivity, creativity, and innovation. 
  • Learn how to create visually appealing content using videos and graphics, in a fraction of the time it would take traditionally. 
  • Gain expertise in designing and facilitating effective group activities that engage learners and promote knowledge sharing. 
  • Acquire the skillset required to create personalised learner journeys that cater to individual needs and preferences, making the learning process more efficient and effective. 
  • Master the art of creating games that engage and inspire learners
  • Create apps for your people to learn on the go, it's never been easier!
  • Learn from experienced professionals who have worked with startups, government agencies, and other organizations. 
  • Obtain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of industries and professions. 
  • Meet some of the best minds in AI from around the world, in fact none are from New Zealand.
  • Network with other like-minded individuals and expand your professional circle. 

Meet our Event Speakers   


Deborah Harries

Topic: Creating a course audience, objectives and outlines
Date & Time: Monday 19 June, 9:00am-11am NZST

Deborah Harris, an exceptional speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. With a deep passion for making a positive impact in the world, Deborah is the Founder of Grow CFO Co., a Brisbane-based company dedicated to nurturing the financial capabilities of purpose-driven businesses.

As a self-proclaimed number nerd, Deborah combines her strategic thinking and unique sense of humor to uplift and empower others on their journey to success. Her unwavering belief is that businesses striving to create a better and fairer world for all should have the opportunity to flourish. In her view, supporting these visionary enterprises is the key to solving the world's most pressing challenges. Driven by her guiding principle of "serving businesses who serve the world," 

Deborah established Grow CFO Co. with a clear mission in mind. Through her company, she provides invaluable support and guidance to businesses that are committed to making a positive difference in our global community. 

Join Deborah Harris, or 'Deb' as she prefers to be called, as she shares her insights on creating a course audience, objectives and outlines. This first session will allow you to create the content for the rest of the week trialing out your content on different ai tools.


Taras Pustovoy

Topic: Backward design approach that ensures effective learning experience using AI as your co-pilot
Date & Time: Wednesday 21 June, 9:00am-11am NZST

Taras Pustovoy, a prominent figure in EdTech and Open Learning, as our speaker for the upcoming ELAB.AI workshop. With an impressive track record, Taras has founded successful ventures in educational video content production and made significant contributions to the launch of an online school for K12 math and the non-profit Open Lectorium Project.

He served as the Head of Digital Transformation of Education at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology from 2013-2017, Taras has played a crucial role in establishing the National Open Education Platform, hosting over 1000 online courses and reaching millions of learners. He has also been instrumental in refining governmental regulations on re-crediting learning outcomes for online courses, conducting pilot programs at numerous higher education institutions.

In 2022, Taras founded CourseFactory, a groundbreaking initiative that combines human talent with AI to deliver exceptional learning content and personalized experiences. His dedication to transforming education globally is unwavering, and he is a strong advocate for the potential of Web3 technologies in reshaping the future of education.

We are thrilled to have Taras Pustovoy as our speaker, who will be sharing invaluable insights on implementing a Backward design approach with AI as your co-pilot. During the session, Taras will explore the ethical considerations of AI in content generation, provide a comprehensive overview of the tool, guide attendees on content creation using the tool, and showcase 2-3 outputs for valuable feedback. 

Mohsin Memon

Topic: 4 critical AI tools for gamification of learning
Date & Time: Wednesday 21 June, 9:00am-11am NZST

Mohsin Memon, one of our speakers at ELAB.AI, who is revolutionising the field of learning facilitation through the power of games. With a deep passion for game-based learning, gamification, and leveraging technology, Mohsin is transforming the way people learn and experience education.

As a learning designer and facilitator, Mohsin has had the privilege of working with renowned organisations. His expertise in creating authentic and immersive learning experiences has made a lasting impact on learners across industries. With a diverse background Mohsin's adventurous spirit and varied experiences have shaped his unique approach to learning. His multidisciplinary expertise allows him to integrate different perspectives and create innovative solutions.

Mohsin's dream is to create a world where learning is playful and engaging, where individuals learn through immersive experiences that lead to realisations and meaningful change. Through his certification program, he empowers learning facilitators to use games effectively in both virtual and classroom settings. Mohsin will share the AI tools to develop the 4 critical elements of a game. Join Mohsin Memon on his journey to revolutionise learning through games and technology.   


Bodo Hoenen

Topic: Create eLearning SCORM packages in minutes from text and video
Date & Time: Thursday  22 June, 9:00am-11am NZST

Bodo Hoenen, a collective intelligence scientist and speaker who is revolutionizing the future of learning through his work at Bodo is building a generative AI for education and infrastructure, aiming to transform the way we learn and accomplish tasks.

Driven by a personal experience, Bodo's journey took an extraordinary turn when his daughter faced paralysis. Within seven months, he developed a brain-controlled Exoskeleton that restored her mobility, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries and creating innovative solutions.

Recognizing the limitations of current learning pathways, Bodo strives to construct a transformative solution—a "Google Maps for Learning"—empowering individuals to master undiscovered skills by bridging the gap between education and technology.

In his workshop, Bodo offers exclusive access to a powerful tool that can revolutionize e-learning development. With the ability to accelerate speed, reduce costs, and achieve a remarkable completion rate, this tool has the potential to reshape the world through education and technology. 


Topic: Turn idea into a stunning app, without codes, without limits
Date & Time: Friday  23 June, 9:00am-11am NZST

Adam Ginsburg, a visionary geek founder revolutionising the low/no code platform space with Buzzy. As the founder, CEO, CTO, and developer of Buzzy, Adam empowers partners, customers, and users to overcome bottlenecks and rapidly build solutions.

With a belief in democratising solution creation, Adam utilises AI to simplify the development process. Buzzy enables designers to transform Figma designs into fully functional apps or websites within minutes, eliminating the need for coding.

By streamlining the process, Buzzy accelerates idea realisation, leading to faster iteration and significant time and resource savings. Skip the Buzzy AI Waitlist, and discover how you can turn your ideas into stunning apps in minutes, ideal for product and sales training that fits right in your pocket. 


Workshop Schedule:

Please note, this event is run from 9-11am NZST, Monday to Friday this week. NOT five full days.

Workshop session 1 - Mon 19 June, 9am-11am - Creating a course audience, objectives and outlines

Workshop session 2 - Tue 20 June, 9am-11am - Backward design approach that ensures effective learning experience using AI as your co-pilot

Workshop session 3 - Wed 21 June, 9am-11am - 4 critical AI tools for gamification of learning

Workshop session 4 - Thu 22 June, 9am-11am - Create eLearning SCORM packages in minutes from text and video

Workshop session 5 - Fri 23 June, 9am-11am - Turn idea into a stunning app, without codes, without limits

 PS The butterfly image in the Header was created using a text to image art platform.

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