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    Emergence: Springtime Dance Celebration at Lost Valley Education Center

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    As Spring unfolds before us, we are welcomed to the remembering of life's enduring renewal. This time teems with transfiguration, abuzz with becoming. As the seasons change, so do we - learning, evolving, outgrowing previous versions of ourselves - emerging anew. The Snake archetype is a powerful guide to support us through transformation - representing rebirth, regeneration, vitality, creative life- force, and connection to the spirit realms. 

    In this Skin-Shedding Cacao &  Dance Journey, you are invited to let go of what no longer serves - making space for the bright and shiny new you that is birthing into existence.

    . . . 

    To the winds of the South
    Great Serpent
    Wrap your coils of light around us
    Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin
    To walk softly on the Earth
    Teach us the Beauty Way
    . . . 

    ☽☽ Offerings ☾☾  

    ⧐ Ecstatic Dance Journey

    ⧐ Cacao Ritual 

    ⧐ Guided Somatic Embodiment

    ⧐  Community Song 

    ⧐  Sound Healing 

    ⧐  Wood-Fired Sauna

    ⧐  Optional Overnight

    ⧐  Morning Movement 

    ⧐  Catered Dinner & Breakfast

    This event is held inside our community lodge within our 87-acre nature sanctuary and 33 year-old intentional community. We encourage you to arrive early for a tour of the land and to learn about our community’s systems, stewardship projects & educational offerings. 

    Our highest priority is cultivating a container that supports a sense of sanctuary - in ourselves, in one another and our relationships with the non-human world. This container is held in agreements of consent, non-judgement, compassion, and radical self-acceptance.

    ⧐ ⧐  Ticket sales will be limited. We anticipate that this event will sell out. ⧏ ⧏

    ☽☽ Featured Artists & Teachers ☾☾

    Aria TauCacao Ritual and Ecstatic Dance Journey 

    Growing up with a rich tapestry of cultures around her, Aria Tau learned 5 languages as a child. She now sings in over 20 languages from across the globe, including Spanish, Latin, Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Tamil, Zulu and Shipibo, from the Peruvian Amazon. Her extensive travels have taken her to distant places. Now living in Portland, Aria is also a Somatic Integration Coach, specializing in embodied movement, spiritual practices and neuroscience as modalities for transformation and healing, alongside sacred entheogenic plants. She is the Founder and Priestess of the Sacred Waters Sanctuary.

    . . . 

    Gabaji Dev Live Instrumentation & Vocal Accompaniment 

    Gabaji, a Portland native originally from Alaska, is an Indian classical musician and teacher, with 3+ years of intensive training in Indian Raag music and a background in kirtan and singer-songwriting. He is an incredibly talented multi-instrumental musician who offers music and space holding in the Sacred Acacia ceremonies hosted by the Sacred Waters Sanctuary. His first instrument being the Native American flute, Gabaji performs on guitar, harmonium, piano and drum in medicine circles, concerts and kirtans. His original medicine songs are deeply spiritual and connected to his personal journey of healing, invoking presence of mind, an open heart and the vitality that comes from connection with Source. He has been a life-long student of Vaishnavism and Hinduism, beginning in his youth, where he visited Amma (the "Hugging Guru"), Baba Ram Dass and other teachers who gave him keys to unlock inner peace, love and the gift of service to the Divine. For the past 3+ years, he has apprenticed under his Guru in Pune, India, learning the ancient scales and songs of Indian classical music (raag music). This journey has brought more than just music to life within him, but also a deep and dedicated meditation practice, which can be felt through his calming and loving nature and presence.

    . . . 

    Andrea Thompson, LMT - Guided Somatic Embodiment 

    Andrea (pronounced Ondria) was born and raised in Oregon, and has been dancing since she stepped out of the womb. She has spent her whole life using dance and movement as medicine for herself and others. Although not classically trained, she was accepted into Cornish College of the Arts to study dance but chose to pursue Biology at Oregon State University. It was there that she dove into Hip Hop dance. After college, she studied the body and massage therapy while falling in love with partner dance through Salsa. Andrea eventually found her way to Ecstatic Dance. From her own experiences on the dance floor and while witnessing the growth and stability which came from the healing process on her massage table, she was inspired to begin offering a bi-monthly Ecstatic Dance for BIPOC in the Portland area. For over seven years, her Soul Revival dances have been a powerful way for BIPOC to be in community while safely exploring movement and expression on the dance floor. When she isn’t out enjoying a hike, playing in water, on a dance floor, or traveling the world and offering FREE HUGS, she is busy with her clients and teaching classes that bring more joy, empowerment and presence into people's bodies.

    . . . 

    Marisa Hope Benson - Singing the Soul

    Marisa is a somatic facilitator, a song catcher, a sacred space tender, and an embodied leader who loves to bring the power of ritual & presence into the world. She is based in Eugene, OR where she is part of a musical trio called Portal, runs a podcast called The Undergrowth, and recently co-led a 3-month program called The Initiation, a wild call back to the cycles of the feminine. When she’s not facilitating you might likely find her, dancing in a garden, smelling flowers, laying under trees, or singing songs inspired by the wind. 

    . . . 

    William Andrew Golden - Live Instrumentation & Sound Healing 

    Born & raised in Appalachia, a lover of music from his earliest memories, William Andrew Golden is a singer/songwriter currently based in Eugene. His music is inspired by The Earth & many styles of music ranging from Etheric Folk to Rock, Reggae, Kirtan, Jazz, Medicine Music & Sound Healing. His intention is to connect with the listener & hold safe space; inspiring reflection, healing & peace within self.

    . . .
    Katie RoseLate Night Guided Dreamland Journey

    Katie Rose is a somatic counselor, intuitive healer, and mentor who is passionate about helping people connect with their personal guidance systems - their bodies, inner knowing, and higher consciousness - so they can navigate life with ease, confidence, clarity, and creative power.

    She has been working with clients since 2018 and recently started the Eugene Community Healing Night, which brings together diverse healing arts practitioners and community members every week in a sacred container for individual and collective healing and expansion.

    ☽☽ Equity & Financial Exchange ☾☾

    We believe in principles of equity and the spirit of reciprocity. We strive to strike a balance between accessibility and financially viable event production. Our pricing tiers offer flexibility to pay what best reflects your financial reality. We ask that you consider honestly and thoughtfully what you can afford, and contribute accordingly. 

    After covering production costs, all proceeds from this event will fund ecological restoration projects and wildfire mitigation efforts at Lost Valley Education Center. You can learn more about (and donate directly to) these efforts here.

    Supported ... $44+  Supporting ... $66+ Evolving ... $88+  Transforming ... $111+ 
    This price is designed for individuals who regularly experience difficulty meeting their basic needs (food, housing & transportation).

    Because this tier does not cover production costs, we are only able to offer a limited number of these tickets. 

    If you'd like to access to this tier, please submit an inquiry HERE
    In order for this event to be financially sustainable, we need the majority of attendees to pay at least $66 

    Any amount above this minimum increases the viability of our events. 
    This contribution allows us to offer more supported-level tickets to others. 
    This tier further increases access to our events and ensures our event is a financially sustainable production. 

    If you can afford this level without undue burden, please consider selecting this price. 

    VOLUNTEERING: Limited work-exchange positions are available. For information about work-exchange opportunities, please email:

    ☽☽ Accommodation Options ☾☾

    Community Overnight in Lost Valley's LodgeCar or Tent CampingSingle Dorm Room
    (1 person max)
    Family Dorm Room
    (4 people max)
    Included in Ticket PriceIncluded in Ticket Price$45
    + $15 for bedding
    (or bring your own)

    + $15 for bedding
    (or bring your own)

    Communal sleepover on the Lost Valley Lodge Dance Floor.

    Bring your own sleeping pad and bedding
    Bring your own tent and bedding.

    We may not be able to accommodate oversize vehicles.
    If you drive an oversize vehicle,
    please contact us in advance to discuss your options. 
    Limited Availability.

    Please email us to request a reservation.
    Very limited Availability!

    Please email us to request a reservation.

    Accommodation Inquiries:

    ☽☽ Agreements ☾☾

    PLEASE CARPOOL! Parking is limited and parking passes are priced to encourage carpooling. Ride shares can be coordinated via our private facebook page (a link will be included in your confirmation email). 

    Lost Valley Education Center is located 30 miles SE of Eugene, and is not easily accessible by public transportation or bike, however - Lane Transit District Bus #92 has limited stops each day in Lowell (5 miles away) and Pleasant Hill (9 miles away).

    SOBER SPACE: This is a drug and alcohol-free event. 

    CHILDREN: Children are welcome at this event – as long as there is direct supervision at all times. We create this container primarily for those who are 18+. Kiddos 12 & under are free.

    NO PETS: Please leave your pets at home for this event. Thank you!

    . . .  

    ☽☽ Schedule ☾☾

    ⧐ SATURDAY, MAY 4 ⧐ 

    1pm - Gates Open 

    2:30pm - Campus Tour 

    4pm - Singing the Soul w/ Marisa Benson 

    5:30pm - Opening Circle & Cacao Ritual 

    6pm - Guided Embodiment Practice w/ Andrea Thompson + Live Musical Accompaniment 

    7:15pm - Snake Dance w/ Aria Tau & Gabaji 

    9:15pm - Closing Ritual 

    9:30pm - Dinner 

    11:11pm - Dreamtime Meditation & Sound Healing w/ Katie Rose, Will Golden, and Luke Alderton 


    ⧐ SUNDAY, MAY 5 ⧐ 

    8am - Guided Morning Movement 

    9am - Breakfast 

    11am - Departure 

    . . .  
    We look forward to celebrating our cosmic & connected serpentine selves! 

    Blessings from the Lost Valley Dance Facilitation Team (Amelia Dissay, Paul Deering, Kurt Smith, and Aomi Nikko), Aria, Andrea, Marisa, Gabaji, Andrew, Katie, and the Lost Valley community. 

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