Event: PAUL A. GEORGE (Lead Guitarist from TIJUANA CARTEL) 'Last Dance' Album Launch Live at the Baroque Room, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

General information

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Charity Mirow

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Travel instructions

There is only limited parking nearby to the venue i.e. street parking. Please allow ample time to arrive and find a suitable parking space. There is a bus stop on Katoomba Street (out the front of the driveway access) and Katoomba train station is close by.

Entry instructions

The entrance to Baroque Room is via the gate on the Carrington Hotel Driveway. If driving to do a drop off then enter the driveway from Katoomba St, go past the main house (Carrington Hotel) and once you reach the small pergola there is a little driveway off the main driveway that is where the entry gate is. Guests can alight from the car here. Please note that the car must be moved from this area as soon as possible. The Baroque Room gate entrance is nearby to the Old City Bank pub. Once through the gate travel down the lane towards the Baroque Room doors. Doors will not be open prior to the stated doors open time.

After entry instructions

Once you enter the main door, veer to the right to come in to the sign in area. Please note that there is a small ramp from the tiled area to the main carpeted room and a small space to travel along before reaching the sign in and bar area.


Please advise on booking and prior to the event date if wheel chair or walker access is required. The seated floor plan will need to be set to accommodate. Please also note that often the seating is a combination of low and high stools. We need to be advised if high stools aren't suitable prior to the event date as bookings are generally allocated in booking order and available group combinations.


The following accessibility features are provided at the event

Wheelchair accessibility