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    Finding Our Fitrah Again Conference: Restoring Ourselves & Society To Our Divinely-Intended Natures

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    ”We have created all things in due measure.” (Quran 54:49)

    In the Quran, Allah (swt) tells us that He has created all things upon a perfect measure, order and disposition. This remarkable phenomena is known as the fitrah, and almost all of creation - from the vast planets in the cosmos to the tiniest member of the animal kingdom - follow their natural fitraic state which allows them to function and co-exist in perfect harmony with one another, thereby maintaining balance within the created world. The only exception to this is, of course, the human being.

    Unlike the rest of creation, by virtue of possessing a free will, we can choose our way of life. Living in accordance with our natural fitraic state aligns us with the created order, actualises our higher status as Allah's (swt) khulafah (representatives) on earth, and completes balance and harmony in the world. Working against this fitrah however, creates imbalances everywhere... 

    Diseases of all kinds begin to spread - not just physical, but also spiritual and societal. 

    Basic ethics start to erode, indecencies become normalised, and the family unit falls. 

    Aspects of our identity - from our status as finite beings created by Allah (swt) to our sexual orientations - become unclear.

    Meaning and purpose become lost, often replaced with pursuits driven by vanity, ego and desire. 

    Injustice and oppression becomes rife, including that done to fellow human beings and that done to the natural world of Allah's (swt) creation.

    Understanding the fitrah however, can offer us a way back to balance and harmony, on all levels of existence including the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, cultural, political and economic. There is a way in which we were created to live, both as individuals and societies, which gives us clear guidance on how to structure ourselves. This can serve as a pathway to healing ourselves, our communities, and ultimately the world.

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