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Event: Flower Picking

General information

Contact name

Rachel Watkins

Contact number


Travel instructions

There is no public transportation available.

Entry instructions

Entry is via the gate at 541 Kents Lagoon Road, Kents Lagoon.

After entry instructions

Once you have parked your car, the Elderflower Farm shop is located opposite the Scenic Rim Farm Shop & Cafe. Walk into the Cafe grounds and look straight ahead and you will see an old shed (across the lawn) converted into a rustic style farm shop.


The ground is relatively flat; however, the ground may pose some issues for those with mobility and sight issues - please use caution. As a rural property please be aware there could be snakes present. If you walk through the flower fields, there is a small beehive and bees in and around the plants as well as in the grass, so please respect these insects and remain calm if they come near you.

Toilet location

Toilets are located between the cafe and the Elderflower Farm Shop. 'Roses' are the ladies toilets, and 'thorns' are the men's toilets.

Accessible parking

There are several spaces available right outside the cafe.

Sun Safety & Heat

The Flower Field is located past the Elderflower Farm Shop and is in the open sun. Please observe sun safety in line with current sun safety guidelines. And don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you.