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                                  Fencing North Secondary Schools Epee & Sabre Teams Competition 
                                                             IMPORTANT INFORMATION


    The person registering is also in charge of distributing and forwarding any information concerning this event to team members (we will send information about the competition to this person via the booking portal) 

    - The competition is for Epee and Sabre teams from individual schools and if entries permit, will have separate Men’s Team and Women’s Team events.

    Please Remember that School teams are selected by the schools. You must make up school teams first. 

    - Composite Teams may be formed ONLY where there are not enough fencers at a school to field the minimum team size of three fencers.

    Composite teams are allowed to win the competition and claim the title of regional winners. The winning school team will be awarded the top regional school award.

    - Mixed Gender Teams - we intend to run the event gender separated, but should a school have insufficient fencers to form a single gender team then as this is a regional competition we will allow entry of one mixed gender team from a school. 
    In this case we reserve the right to add the mixed teams to either the men's or women's events. 

    If you are an individual fencer looking to join a team contact us directly and we will do our best to find you a team.

    Please contact us direct at Fencing North Tournaments 

    We will invoice schools for the number of teams entered after the event. Standard entry per team will cost $120.00 if entered before 11.55 pm on Monday June 14th. Entries after this time will cost S150.00per team and are at the discretion of the DT. 

    Please read carefully. By going ahead with your registration you acknowledge that you are fully aware of our rules and regulations   

    Schools may submit as many teams as they like, BUT we have a limit of 10 pistes and for various reasons there is a shortage of referees available at the moment.
    We will do our best to accommodate all entries and will confirm entries with all schools by lunchtime on Thursday June .

    If we have to limit entries we will select the A team of each school first. Spaces still remaining will be filled by the B teams, on a first come, first served basis. Composite teams are considered B teams for registration purposes. Any slots remaining after allocation to B teams will be allocated to C teams and so on. 

    Please provide names of team members at time of registration if possible. This gives us time to enter new fencers into our database. We will contact you requesting team composition during the week before the competition. Team members may be changed at registration on competition day but no changes to the named fencers are permitted after registration/check-in.

    Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd equal placed teams only.

    All team members are eligible for a certificate and will be asked to join their team on the podium. 


    There will be no gear check for this competition but all clothing must be in a good state of repair.

    The standards outlined below are those required for the National Secondary Schools Championships to be held in Auckland in September and are provided to enable our fencers time to prepare. 

    Please ensure that your equipment conforms to the following standards:



    Minimum of 1150N protection.  This can be made up of either a 350N Jacket with an 800N plastron or an 800N Jacket and a 350N plastron,


    350N (CEN 1)


    All masks must fit well and be in good condition.  The elastic strap shall be in good working order with elasticity and able to return to its original position after stretching without any deformation.
    The hook and loop securing the elastic shall be capable of retaining the elasticity and resisting removal. 
    Leon Paul X-Change Masks must have a secondary strap or bar.
    Visor Masks are strictly prohibited for all 3 weapons.


    Must be in good condition and have no hole for body wires.  800N gloves are required for Sabre.

    Chest Protector:

    Compulsory for Women’s events. Optional for Men.

    Foil Specific:

    Lame Bibs are required. Curly mask wires are not permitted.
    FIE blades are required with either Bayonet or 2-pin body wires.  FIE no.3 size blades are acceptable

    Épée Specific:

    FIE blades are required.
    Leon Paul SR-71 blades date stamped 2013 to 2015 will not be accepted.
    Leon Paul V blade without a unique serial number will not be accepted.

    Sabre Specific:

    FIE blades S2000 or later are required.
    Curly mask wires are not permitted

    Gear Exceptions specific to the Regional Secondary Schools Tournaments

    BREECHES: 350N or above are preferred (especially for Epee where legs are a target area) and Fencing North will have a small amount of clothing to loan on the day. Sturdy track pants can be allowed, so long as no loose pockets but a waiver must be signed. (Thin leggings/skins are not acceptable) 

    SOCKS: Thick knee-length socks must be worn.

    BLADES: FIE blades not compulsory for this competition.

    TIMETABLE (Final times will be communicated during the week before the competition)

    EPEE events 

    Please arrive at Te Pai by 8.00am, in time for team registration by your school/coach, set up of equipment and warm-up. 
    We plan to start fencing by 9am at the latest. As team events are more complex and tend to be very busy, please plan for a full day of fencing.

    SABRE events 

    We are hoping to start the sabre events at the at the same time as the Epee events.

    ie.  8am check-in and 9.00 am start BUT should there be a large number of Epee entries we may have a slightly later start time for the sabre events. 

    Best wishes, 

    Fiona Campbell

    Ph: 027 488 1947

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