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Foundations of HeartMath Workshop - Half Day Training

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A powerful, interactive and fun half day workshop.

During the session, you will learn tools to stablise your emotional set point, dial down your nervous system and  enable you to cultivate a more joyful and authentically spiritual  approach to handling challenges and rising to your potentials.

Are you a caring person who is feeling like....​

  • Your nervous system is on full charge and you can't effectively dial it down
  • You want to bring more emotional stability and skill in handling your difficult emotions
  • Are regularly flooded with negative emotions and haven't been experiencing those joyful, loving and appreciative feelings as much as
  • you would like

  • Emotional dramas are getting in the way of your spiritual growth

    Why Attend?

    Our focus as a culture has shifted over the years as our society has seemingly sped up and become more chaotic. Individuals are feeling more and more internal pressure to achieve, "succeed," and keep up with a rapidly transforming technological environment. With this amount of pressure and speed comes an unsustainable strain on our nervous system.

    We experience an ever-present feeling of "not good enough" and urgency, with the resultant feelings of disappointment and depletion. In this urgent and depleted state, it is difficult to attend to the wise whispers of our heart and spirit and the nurturing nudges of our soul that are always able to guide us so well—when we can listen.

    We require access to effective daily tools that can address these challenges head on in a new way.

    What we will cover?

    • The science and how to work more deliberately with your physiology in order to dial down an overactive nervous system.
    • How to manage difficult emotions such as anxiety and depression as well as tune in more regularly and effectively with your heart intelligence and intuition.
    • We will share engaging research and the foundational tools from The HeartMath Institute.
    • During the session, there will be practice, in real time, in coming into a physiologically coherent (optimal) state together and understand how this can benefit oneself, our community and the world at large. 
    • There will also be serving ceremonial cacao and having the opportunity to sit together in a guided heart-focused meditation to  relax and balance our nervous system and renew our spirit and connection to our heart.
    • Handouts and a guided MP3 recording will be provided.

    What is HeartMath?

    The HeartMath Institute was founded in 1991. It is a well respected research & training organisation that has been measuring and studying the impact of the physical heart on our mental and emotional health and spiritual capacities for the past 30 years. 

    The HeartMath Institute is considered to offer global gold standard evidence-based programs in the arenas of stress management, optimal health and cognition and heart intelligence.

    The tools allow us to access and modulate deep physiological processes associated with stress and emotions that were originally thought to be automatic.

    Essentially, the system empowers people to regulate and work with their emotions, behaviours and essential physiology associated with stress, cognition and intuition.

    This enables them to reduce stress and unlock intuitive guidance for making more effective and healthier choices.


    “Tonight was amazing. Educational and enjoyable at the same time. The facts of what’s going on with the heart and how you can come into a  coherent state with yourself and everyone around you. Then after  learning about everything, we moved into a practical meditative state  and actually saw on the biofeedback monitor how we go into coherence and achieve it. It has given me loads of information I can bring into my  day to day routine so that is awesome” Alex Wilcox


    What is Coherence?

    Over the last three decades, research has revealed an optimal physiological state termed cardiac (heart) coherence. We used to think this state was beyond our capacity to modulate.

    Coherence means a state of internal synchronisation in which the physical heart, brain, and nervous system are able to work in coordination and efficiency.

    Basically, we now know that learning to access coherence throughout the day directly reduces stress and improves health and resilience.

    This knowledge allowed HeartMath to prove that with simple training, we can quickly learn to bring ourselves into this state of coherence “in the moment”.


    “As a scientist I was initially skeptical, but at that point would have tried anything to salvage my relationship. From this first session Willow and Catherine immediately allayed any doubts that this was any kind of ‘spiritually aspirational fluff’ with clear and concise explanations behind the science, and then, from my own direct empirical evidence of the benefits of the prescribed techniques and approaches. The tools from the training have been, for me, nothing short of miraculous in terms of how much better I deal with not only stress, confrontation and difficult situations, but also in deepening and enriching all of my lived experience. This and the subsequent training with Willow and Catherine certainly saved my marriage. They are impeccable in terms of knowledge, experience and commitment. I cannot recommend this training enough.” Davy​ O


    Before I learned these tools, I knew I was not experiencing life the way I wanted to. On the surface life was plentiful but I struggled to see and really feel this. As I began to apply the tools and techniques this has all changed. I don’t get upset by the small things so much now. I can show the love and care I deeply feel towards my beautiful daughters more than ever and can stay soft with and blame less my loving partner. These tools are now my everyday weaponry against negativity, self pity, burn-out and overwhelm. To have such tools at my fingertips is a blessed relief. I am now filled with appreciation and wonder for life which had become lost to me. I thank Willow and Catherine every day.​ Meredith D


    We invite you to join us!

    At this point in history, we believe we need to be much more proactive and deliberate in our care for our mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul well-being. It is challenging to be doing this purely on our own, and we feel that we benefit immensely from safe, supportive, and mature spaces that affirm who we really are, the truth of the important work we are offering in the world, and give us tools so we can continue and thrive. 

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