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The Jeder Institute operates across Australia and throughout the world to create positive change for individuals and communities. We bring people together to realise their full potential, increase collective knowledge, explore insights and engage community members in conversations that matter to empower individual’s choice and control by:

  • Facilitating community conversations around critical social issues
  • Building individual and community resilience
  • Coordination of supports and capacity building (NDIS)
  • Engaging and connecting with a diverse range of communities
  • Co-developing organisational change management frameworks
  • Identifying and mobilising individual and community assets and strengths

The Jeder Institute is a not-for-profit, Next Stage Organisation (NSO), based in Australia. We are a human-centred organisation committed to addressing local, national and international challenges and issues and commit to challenging the systems and structures which impede people’s ability to live a good life. 

The Jeder Institute focuses on community capacity building by identifying and building on existing strengths to create and live an ordinary life and to further create inclusive communities through collective action. The Jeder Institute provides strengths-focused workshops, training and facilitation to individuals, communities and organisations through both contemporary and well-known practices.