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Dance, Eco Soma, 5Rhythms, Dance Pray Love, Grounded, Dance Doula, Dj, Events. Rivka Worth is a Healer, Visionary and Teacher. She thrives on bringing humans together in ceremonial dance, where freedom, connection and transformation are individually and collectively embodied on the dance floor. Her dance floors range from inner city church halls, sandy lined shores, leafy green forest beds and red desert earth. Rivka is dedicated to connecting us back to nature through our own embodiment. Rivka Worth is a dancer (BA Dance), 5Rhythms® certified teacher, Certified Yoni de-armouring practitioner, somatic educator, nature therapist, writer, mother & artist. She is currently studying Somatic Movement Educator Practitioner Certification (BMC) and Ivonne Delafor's Futuring Certification. In 2020 Rivka birthed ‘Seed of Sovereignty’ to serve the collective in our rise to wholeness in co-creation with the natural world. Rivka’s work reflects a lifetime career of facilitating dance and movement. She has developed numerous workshops and programs supporting diverse populations to connect with themselves through dance, movement and the natural world.