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I'm Tracey a Pleasure Coach and facilitator. I hold space for women who have been denying themselves pleasure, who are suffering menstrual discomfort and pelvic imbalances, who have lost themselves whilst tending to the busyness of life.⁣ ⁣ My clients are women who are questioning who they are, they are yearning for something more, these women struggle to tap into their creative centre and are feeling life has become monochrome. These women are ready to discover the gifts of their journey and bring their full, pleasure filled self into the world.! ⁣ A self that is aware of her gifts and is giving them back to the world.⁣ She dances, she sings and she finds pleasure in all aspects of life.⁣ In me, you will find a space to honour your dreams + tenderly place you in action towards achieving them. ⁣ XX