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Namaste.. and welcome to all my group medicine drum healings and other events! Being an energy healer, I am passionate about assisting you in your journey/s, I LOVE facilitating group sound healings/baths. If you are reading this, YOU want to experience energy shifts and will always be warmly and lovingly welcomed and held at all my gatherings. A little bit about my drum journey and the healings of my medicine drum ~ A few years ago, I answered a call to action from Spirit and 'birthed' my medicine drum with a shaman. My drum is blessed and imbued with the gentle and innocent energy of Deer - a perfect accompaniment to meditations and healings. When I drum, I am guided by my spirit and animal guides, angels and at times, by yours' as well. No two sessions are ever the same; the energies we need to shift change as we experience life. I welcome you to my medicine drum's healing benefits ~ *Rest *Relax *Refresh *Re-centre *Re-ground *Reduce stress *Reduce anxiety *Reduce chronic pain *Reduce negative feelings *Improve sleep *Re-connection to yourself *Increase intuition and more!