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Sarhan is a Wellness Coach, Breathwork + Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Bodyworker and SelLove Advocate. 

She has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 12 years and has studied various tools and modalities in alternative and holistic practices.

Throughout her own health and healing journey; having experienced Chronic Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Binge Eating and Sexual Trauma it was Breathwork and Mindfulness Practices that was the catalyst for her in her healing. She is extremely passionate about sharing the message of self love by weaving together the different modalities she has studied and practiced over the last 10 years to create empowering, transformational experiences for all of her clients. 

By combining movement, breathwork and healing her unique style of facilitation and mentoring allows anyone who works with her to experience a safe and supported environment to start to cultivate a deeper connection of trust within their own bodies, create an environment for healing to take place and return to love.

She facilitate's workshops, women's retreats and 1:1 sessions for the general public and corporate businesses. These are for anyone who is ready to unshackle from limitations that are holding them back from living their healthiest, happiest and truest expression. 

To ultimately live and lead in alignment, open their hearts to love and achieve desired states of self love, health and happiness.