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Surrender to nature and discover the deep connection you have to all of life. Tree Mystic was created by New Zealand based Naturopath, Herbalist and Forest Therapy Guide, Hannah McQuilkan. Tree Mystic was born out of seeing a need for human beings to rediscover their connection to nature. For too long, we have seen ourselves as separate to the living world that we inhabit, causing mental, emotional and physical suffering. In turn, this disconnection has caused us to disrespect the Earth, causing untold environmental devastation. It is natural to protect what you love and so Tree Mystic seeks to foster a genuine love between humans and their Earth home. It's one thing to spend time in nature, it’s another thing entirely to realise that you are part of it now and always. So at Tree Mystic we seek to create a meaningful relationship, where human beings benefit from the wellbeing that comes from quality time in nature and nature benefits from humans who want to care for Her. Tree Mystic offers Forest Bathing Experiences, Celtic Earth Wisdom workshops and private healing sessions in Auckland and all over New Zealand.