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Hey, I'm Todd!

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what Mindful Vibrations is all about 🙂

I've studied and worked with sound for over 15 years, as a sound engineer, in a variety of different settings. I've had the pleasure of working with musicians from all sorts of genres and backgrounds; recording, producing and mixing. I've also worked in the film industry, specialising in sound design and dialogue production as well as working in television, radio and much more!

I also spent 5 of the above years teaching sound, diving deep into the science behind frequency, sound propagation and manipulation.

Around 2014, I started to look into a variety of different healing modalities (including sound healing), so that I could 'level up' in my own life, and also share what I learnt to help others.

Over the years, thanks to my background, it became a natural progression into facilitating sound healing journeys, where I could apply my love for sound and meditation, with my love of helping and being of service to others (which is my main purpose in life).

This is how Mindful Vibrations came to life!

The purpose of Mindful Vibrations is to use sound as a catalyst to help people kickstart or further their own personal growth and healing, to foster an environment and internal dialogue to help others do the work necessary to truly heal and grow.

My sound immersion journeys are designed for anyone who wants to reduce their stress, improve their mood, boost their overall well-being and promote emotional, spiritual or physical healing.

Hope to see you at a session soon!
:D <3