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Jennipher Mac, B.A (Hons) Social Justice Theatre Facilitator (Theatre for Living), International NLP Trainer & Coach (IANLP), Clinical Hypnotherapist (PHA) Breathwork, Author of Reclaiming Trust - A Personal Journey out of Family and Domestic Violence. Currently studying Ph.D. at Curtin University Reclaiming Agency through Embodied Performance after Intergenerational Family and Domestic Violence. Jennipher runs Theatre for Living workshops for community on the second Sunday of the month in North Fremantle Community Hall, North Fremantle. Jennipher’s life coaching allows liberating Performance for the individual, group, or business to clear sabotaging traumas, fears, stress, self-doubt, frustration, and overwhelming feelings so that you can instead create the life that you love, moving away from pain and into happiness, curiosity, calm, clarity, and creativity.