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After surviving Actuarial Studies at university, Peita’s first adventure in finance was set in the shark infested waters of Investment Banking. Aside from proving that a human can actually work over 100hrs in any given week, this taught her the need for experts to be able to translate the complex for their clients – super smarts simply weren’t enough, storytelling was a must. When she made the transition into Financial Advice over 15 years ago, this need to simplify the complex continued to ring true, and culminated in the release of her first book ‘Finance Action Hero: Basic Training’ in May 2014, with the followup ‘Finance Action Hero: Mission Possible’ released in September 2016.

However, over time it became clear that there was an additional mindset Peita needed to develop and tap into – the entrepreneurial mindset – with a focus on being nimble, looking for constant improvement and constantly questioning the norm. This ultimately resulted in her current fascination with applied innovation – the adoption of innovative business models, the development of innovative products and technologies and the engagement of the public in more innovative ways.

As we all get smarter at the WAY we do things in the advice world, Peita can’t wait to see what creativity & innovation does to the WHAT we do, and ultimately the breadth of WHO we can help.