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Glenis has been practising yoga since 2001 and can attest to the numerous psychological, emotional and physiological benefits through the client experience as well as her own.  She works with her clients to achieve their personal goals through their practice whether it be to improve fitness, physical, mental and emotional strength, balance or simply a sense of tranquillity.  Clients have described Glenis's practitioner style as like being massaged with her voice -  she epitomises the gentleness and kindness that she is guiding the client to find between their heads and their hearts, to  and provide encouragement to trust cues of their own bodies.  Her background and training  in Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety & Depression, Trauma Aware Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Ageing and Yoga Nidra (a state of between waking and sleep) which she  applies as a practitioner to relieve and manage anxiety and depression through yoga and meditation. With 20 years of experience as well as her own commitment to personal growth, human connection and solidarity, Glenis creates a safe and supported space for yoga and meditation practice.