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Manna Abraham is a healer, teacher, philosopher and speaker who specialises in rapidly releasing trauma in clients through online and residential retreats. Her unique background led her to develop the EMPR Method, which quickly gets to the root cause of clients' issues and resolves them in less than an hour.

Manna's approach is unique because it addresses both the mind, the body and energy to give a whole-being approach to healing which achieve quick and lasting results, unlike other trauma-resolution methods that only focus on one or the other. She emphasises that healing is an outcome of who you are, not what you do, and trains practitioners to operate from a pure space to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

With countless success stories, Manna is passionate about redefining how we view trauma as a society and understanding that trauma isn't a life sentence. "Trauma is caused in an instant and can be healed that way too" - Manna

Manna's method is comprehensive and addresses the problem in her unique way to achieve lasting results. She is the go-to expert in her field, and her clients benefit from this unique approach.