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Respirah is a boutique yoga space and online community for women to come together, free their bodies, connect to their inner wisdom, and to live in alignment with their truth. It’s a space for nurturing body-soul-tribe connections, inner transformation and spiritual evolution, and an intimate space where magic and deep transformations happen. A space to share yourself genuinely, with no fear of judgement, where you will be nurtured, seen, held and validated, and a community of rising women who are reconnecting with their body, guided by Mother Nature’s rhythms. When you create space and time for yourself, for your own self-care, you restore your connection with that source of love that is within you and that leads you to flow with the rhythms of life from a place of fulfilment, greater ease and vitality. We offer a unique blend of yoga, breathing, sacred rituals, massage and retreats to awaken your body and feminine intuition so that you can reconnect with your mind, body and soul, and come home to yourself. The name Respirah means breathe in Spanish, with the ‘ah’ sound at the end symbolic of breathing out and letting all your tensions melt away. So take a deep breath and come and find inspiration, connection and transformation at Respirah.