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Whatever your goal—to move more, to get healthy, connect with others, save on transport costs or tread lightly—Back on your bike can give you the motivation to work towards that goal.

When is it on?

Back on your Bike is being rolled out across Tasmania. Find the schedule of FREE public session at and sign up today. Places are limited!

Who can join?

Back on your bike is suitable for adults who are beginners or wanting to build on their bike riding skills and confidence in a safe and encouraging environment. Under 18's can attend in the company of a guardian.

What’s covered?

Led by one of our experienced instructors, Back on your bike is tailored to the groups needs with a focus on: 

  • skill-building activities 
  • basic bike maintenance  
  • navigating your area by bike, and
  • a group ride to put your new skills into practice

Sessions are designed to run for 90-minutes in small groups of people.

What to bring?

Bring along your bike, helmet and drink bottle - or borrow our bikes or trikes and helmets on the day.

What’s the cost?

Back on your bike is free to join!

Added bonus!

All participants get a free 3-month membership with Bicycle Network.