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Freea is passionate about dedicating her life to creating heaven on earth through freedom, unity, expression and empowerment using the power of breath, movement, sound and connection to womb and earth. She lives in deep reverence to plants, mother earth, community and the spirit world. She interweaves her life teachings and lived experiences of deep transformation to create a sacred container for participants to release, rejoice, expand consciousness and transform their lives. She provides a space for tribe to connect to one another and themselves on a deeper level through inviting selflove, authenticity and ecstatic embodiment. Freea has facilitated ceremonies at festivals and gatherings in Peru, Australia, Bali and Hawaii including events such as Lost Paradise, Breath and Balance, Celebrate Life, Tropical Bloom, Cognitive Roots, Tree Psyde, Shakti Sound, Nekawa Ecstatic Dance, Audio Alchemy Retreat and more.