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Robyn, a beacon of wisdom and experience, with a wealth of experience facillitating individuals and groups on their life's journeys for over 40 years. She possesses an enduring passion for Biodanza that ignited more than a decade ago. Her journey has been one of steadfast dedication, honing her expertise over a span of two and a half years of intensive training. Now, as a  "Biodanza Facilitator under Supervision," she stands poised to guide individuals and groups through the transformative landscapes of self-development.

In 2011, the magnetic allure of Biodanza beckoned to Robyn, aligning harmoniously with the philosophical underpinnings of her coaching methodology. The resonance was palpable, prompting her to heed its call. With remarkable alacrity, she flew to Melbourne to participate in an immersive weekend workshop merely two days after her discovery. The encounter was unlike any she had known before—brimming with boundless joy, vitality, and a profound sense of connection to both self and others. The symphony of diverse and enchanting music paired with the liberty to express emotions through movement resonated deeply, setting Biodanza apart from her extensive array of personal development experiences spanning over four decades.

Enthralled and captivated, Robyn's love for Biodanza burgeoned. Its multifaceted resonance aligned seamlessly with her values, recognizing it as a potent modality for fostering personal growth and communal well-being—an essential antidote to the challenges of our modern world.

Throughout her journey, Robyn has nurtured an unwavering dream—to step into the role of a Biodanza facilitator. Life's intricate tapestry weaved its threads, yet her dream remained resilient, undiminished. Now, on the cusp of realizing her aspiration, she radiates an exuberant enthusiasm for the path ahead.

Robyn envisions a flourishing Biodanza community taking root in Perth—a vibrant haven where people are emboldened to dance their way to both health and profound connection. This vision fuels her purpose, driving her to guide others through the luminous realms of Biodanza, where the dance becomes a conduit for personal transformation and collective well-being.