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About The Facilitator/ Co-creator: Indigo is a ceremonialist that draws from her life experience, of being in service on the medicine path for the better part of a decade, spending time in Egypt, North America, Mexico, the Amazon and the Andes of Peru in search of learning and healing, working with sacred medicines like Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Peyote and Mama Kuka (coca). Her strongest ally and most long standing relationship still remains with Grandfather Peyote. Learning from Indigenous cultures, plant medicines, and deeply communing with nature. Indigo has cultivated a depth of connection, gratitude, and profound reverence for nature, and for life and thus gained a deeper understanding of herself which has provided her profound healing. She has been able to alchemise and transmute pain and suffering through connection to the simple truths of nature and the elements. She only wishes to help others re-connect, and reactivate their innate connection to the elements in this way in order to facilitate empowerment for self healing, growth, and ultimately self love, whilst living in right relation with the Earth.