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Gypsy Artemis of Sacred Hunger is a Central Coast artist, Shamanic Wayshower and End of Life worker. She dabbles in any number of artistic mediums, but medicine drum making, weaving and cacao brewing are her favourites by far! Gypsy also feels drawn strongly to healing the wounded feminine & masculine through Seeding Healing workshops and rituals, Shameless! Fully Naked Dinner to heal body shame, and running mixed-gender circles to connect and heal the divine feminine and divine masculine. She is a natural teacher with over a decade's experience facilitating groups. She has been an artist & an explorer for as long as she can remember. Naomi Brooks of Roots Of The Earth Healing and Crystal Arcana is a Creative, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki & Crystal Healer. Her roots are deep within all things creative, mystical & magical since she was a small child. Together with her partner Taran, they created Crystal Arcana, a crystal and metaphysical shop in the heart of Newtown, Sydney. She discovered in her adult years that her life path is to share healing with others and it is her calling to spread this through community, the medicine of cacao, crystals and the teachings of crafts and shamanism.