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The Chinese Street Market DC community is a place to share your nostalgic food memories or pursue your cultural passion and cultural identity. We strive to serve as trustworthy connectors for food and culture, removing language barriers for better cultural understanding.

The DC area is rich with a multi-generational East Asian diaspora, and starting with Chinese sub-cultures, we work to introduce all East Asian food makers to a larger audience. Our goal is to help tell their stories within the context of their traditions and traditional multi-generational recipes. We do this by showcasing their stories on our online platform and offline through food popups and events.

The inaugural street market, held in September 2019, was a special event that drew over 3,000 visitors to Downtown DC in just one afternoon. In 2021, Chinese Street Market DC was voted by Washington City Paper's Best of DC readers’ poll as the runner-up for Best-At-Home-Meals, coming in just after a Michelin-rated restaurant. In 2023, the DC-based food hall Union Market has brought Chinese Street Market DC on as their new market tenant. At Union Market, CSMDC is planning to offer freshly made, curated regional Chinese dishes under the name Dàn Dàn Boy™. This will allow CSMDC to introduce Chinese regional dishes to a wider audience and further develop the in-house food brand Dàn Dàn Boy™, while CSMDC will continue building its community through dumpling diplomacy classes and cultural events. 

Come and enjoy this unique cultural experience by joining our online community or through our in-person popups at local farmers' markets and special events. Join us in learning, connecting, sharing, and preserving this cultural experience and community.