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Second Stitch is a NFT founded by VICSEG New Futures in 2017.

As a social enterprise we aim to empower women, from diverse backgrounds, economically and socially through textiles.

Built on the foundation of supporting women and helping them build connections through our studio, over the last 4 years we have made 20,000+ products, collaborated with industry leaders as well as directly employing our students for our range of services.

We continue to foster a studio of education, empowerment, and economy. We believe local and sustainably made productions can create an ecosystem that supports women.

Our Founders

VICSEG New Futures, a not-for-profit organisation offering a range of services for migrants, asylum seeker and refugee communities in Victoria. We believe diverse cultural perspectives strengthen our community, which is why we are on a mission to build a more inclusive Australia.

Second Stitch is a social enterprise that empowers women from diverse backgrounds economically and socially through textiles.