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Emma Howden is a trained and qualified Shamanic Practitioner (spiritual healer, guide, teacher, facilitator) and Counsellor who embodies the shamanic paradigm in every part of her life. Bringing a safe healing space to the community is her life work and an expression of who she is at the heart of her soul. 

Emma's path to becoming a shamanic practitioner sprung out of her own search for personal healing. In this search Emma tried, tested and studied a range of mainstream and alternative healing modalities and came to learn about healing and how it works. Emma explored how each modality changed her inner and outer experience in life but it wasn't until she discovered shamanism that she experienced a true holistic way for healing...and life.

After discovering shamanism, Emma received much more than she was looking for. She experienced dramatic life changes, deep healings and a pathway to a life that resonates truth and depth. Emma is deeply passionate about supporting people to heal by sharing these magical and transformational healing practices with anyone who wishes to experience it.