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I am a Wellness Guide, helping people to connect to their deeper quieter, Witness Self. I offer tools and tips to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as ways to increase mindfulness, awareness, and personal growth. Previously, I was in the performing arts industry as a dancer, singer, and actress on Broadway, TV, Film and stage along with being a writer, choreographer and teacher of dance. Over time, I began to step away to create gemstone jewelry and along the way, I dove into learning the myriad benefits of working with gemstones and copper. As everything is connected in our paths, I began to resonate with the power and benefits of sound as I was drawn to Tibetan Singing Bowls and other polyphonic instruments, noting how important sound is to our WellBeing. Eventually, I chose to blend and combine all my healing experiences and knowledge into creating my wellness platform Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness.