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Hi Wild One,

These rituals are to serve as an invitation of embodiment to awakening an uninhibited fullness that aches in side each of us, to be transmuted and sublimated back into be the expansion and aliveness for our life.

I am an integral healer of Breathwork, Kundalini Bodywork + Shamanism that is an exquisite experimental flow of a wild space, of origin, a primordial state of being -where our stories + literacy exist. In my offerings it is always about you re discovering the powerful somatic medicine within your body and psyche, as we work together to retrieve denied, shamed, lost + fragmented parts of you + bring them home. 

As a Breathwork expert I infuse a range of diverse breath invocations, a rich platform of breathing modalities depending on the process your body needs for the experience of self to rebirth into the unique expression that exists in the here and now new-realms. In this art I am known for my craft to innately hold prolific, liminal space of the rawest, most vulnerable that hones you into your senses. As deep and somatic as the work is, my process in the field is less about forcing to heal - more about self-surrender, presence, trust and a desire to spiral into be wild + free again. 

Kundalini Bodywork + Kundalini Energy Activations are the integrate therapy of the energetic sovereignty of our sex, our heart and our mind that I de-armour equally the holding pains with shadow work, somatic therapy, non-dual psychology to transmute trauma and working with the lust to be alive and sublimating all your potent energy back into your body for pleasure. We clear your vessel as we ripen + liberate self-activating your own instinctual flow of purified kundalini.   

With me you are well held in your personal evolution
together, one wild breath and one wild sensation at a time!
In Lak’ech,
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