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At Evoke we specialise in curating tranformative wellness experiences in the form of multi-day retreats, 1-day Immersions and conscious events for wellness seekers, corportae groups and leisure travellers.

Our passion and mission is to connect people with a range of holistic wellness practices, from yoga, breathwork and meditation, to hiking adventures, creativity, and low tox living.

We wish to empower people with knowledge, accessibility to different wellness experiences, and connection to a like-minded community who will support and enrich your journey.

We aim to encourage people to carve out and prioritise time in their busy lives to dedicate to self care. We all need a regular reset to reconnect with and recharge our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Whether you join us for a an hour, a day or a week, we’ll take the stress out of organising your reset, provide you with a nourishing experience and equip you with tools and inspiration to integrate your retreat learnings into your daily life.