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The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) is a national network of academics, students, consultants, activists, diplomats, artists, community leaders, and others who share a mutual interest in the promotion of African Studies in Australasia and the Pacific region.

AFSAAP was founded in 1978 with the following specific goals that continue to the present:

  • to promote research and teaching of African Studies in Australia and the Pacific.
  • to facilitate contact among scholars and students in the field of African Studies through conferences, regional meetings, and publications.
  • to coordinate African Studies programs and the acquisition of African materials by Australian and Pacific libraries.
  • to serve as the professional body representing Africanists’ interests to governments and the community.
  • to contribute towards an understanding of Africa in the community at large.
  • to establish contact with African universities and scholars, other overseas scholars and African Studies associations, and to promote interchanges with them.
  • and to publish, distribute and sell the bi-annual peer-reviewed journal “The Australasian Review of African Studies” and other occasional publications.