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Dr Alex Love is a 40-year-old Brunswick local and graduate of the Polar Circle Love Observatory in Lapland. While studying the mating rituals of polar bears for her PhD in more-than-human connection during the new millennium, Alex met her second husband, Professor Friedrich Von Romcom, an expert in extra-terrestrial dating. Convinced of their timeless compatibility, the couple married in a whirlwind wedding officiated by a love supercomputer. Sadly, due to a calibration problem with the computer's circuitry, the match proved to be scientifically invalid (Professor Von Romcom was rather too interested in extra terrestrials). Sailing away from the ice floe of thwarted dreams and setting up her laboratory in Brunswick, Australia, Dr Love decided to focus on preventing similar debacles and bringing great people together through cutting-edge speed dating technology. When she isn't tinkering with her Passion-Powered Supercomputer, Dr Love enjoys bushwalking, hosting friends and spending time with her small aggressive dog.