Alicia Grace

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Hi there! I'm Alicia. I've been practicing yoga for 12 years now and it's benefits and lessons never cease to amaze me. It is my absolute honour and privilege to have the opportunity to guide other humans through these sacred and potent teachings.

My classes draw upon the ancient Hatha Yoga lineage and are infused with a grounded, nourishing essence that I believe is so needed in today's fast-paced and overworked society. My hope is that this practice nourishes your body, mind and spirit in your own unique way. Being inclusive is a passion of mine and I will always aim to create a space and practice that is safe, effective and supportive. My classes will typically include a gentle flow, pranayama (breathing techniques) and dhyana (meditation) with the assistance of props and any needed modifications .

If I'm not doing yoga, you will find me by the ocean or cuddled up at home with my cat on the couch.