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Amanda has been conducting mindfulness, Neurolinguistics, Clinical Hypnosis and nutritional teachings in practice for over 15 years,

As someone who has devoted significant time and energy to exploring the connection between mindfulness and hypnosis, She understands the profound impact that these practices can have on mental health and life balance. She believes that by cultivating a sense of awareness and presence in the present moment, individuals can gain greater control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and ultimately improve their overall well-being.

Amanda’s journey to this understanding began with a deep interest in meditation and mindfulness practices. Through her own practice and research, she discovered that mindfulness could help individuals reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

But as she delved deeper into the world of mindfulness, she also discovered the power of hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy and emotional release techniques. Although only briefly touched on in the basis of this training she recognized that hypnosis is a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious mind and rewiring deep-seated beliefs and behaviours that may be holding individuals back from living their best lives.

Combining these two practices, she has developed a unique approach to mental health and life balance. She believes that by incorporating mindfulness and hypnosis into daily life, individuals can learn to manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a more positive outlook on life, not to mention slowing down a chaotic disorganised mind.

As an advocate for these practices, she would like to share with you and others her insights on how to achieve positive mindfulness and feels that you will receive all you need to access a transformative power of mindfulness and self-hypnosis throughout this 4-week course and believes that these practices are key to creating a healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling life.

Amanda is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Trainer, Master of Timeline Therapy, Master NLP Coach & Therapist, Certified Business and Life Coach, Nutritionist,