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Everything we do is #forthewildlife

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital provides professional veterinary services for injured, diseased, orphaned and displaced native Australian animals. Our services are provided free of charge to achieve positive welfare outcomes for wildlife.

Experienced, Expert Wildlife Vets

Based at the nature-based tourism attraction Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Knockrow, New South Wales, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is the North Coast’s only all-species wildlife hospital licensed by the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the veterinary hospital operates inside a custom-built, semi-trailer, making it Australia’s largest Mobile Wildlife Hospital. 

Meet "Matilda"

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital operates from within a full-sized, custom-built semi trailer, affectionately known as Matilda through a public naming competition. She can be transported to the scene of a natural disaster such as a bushfire, flood, mass stranding or oil spill affecting wildlife on a large scale. Members of the public and licensed wildlife carers can bring injured, sick and orphaned animals in their care to Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital for treatment and care.