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BDG LifeSciences, operating in India as BDG LifeSciences (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., and in collaboration with BBR PTY LTD. in Australia, is a distinguished bioinformatics company specializing in the facilitation of workshops, training sessions, innovative research projects, and online courses within the realm of bioinformatics technologies. Established in 2010, the company has been actively engaged in the field, holding registrations under the Ministry of MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), Government of India, with the registration number UDYAM-UP-01-0019151. Over the years since 2010, BDG LifeSciences has successfully imparted knowledge to a diverse array of participants worldwide, including students, scientists, faculty members, professors, and corporate executives.

As we believe in a different way of learning which is HANDS-ON PRACTICAL SESSIONS our workshops and training are unique because participants perform on their own computer/laptop on software/servers, so it is 100 % practical application of technology which is the main reason of BEING A LEADER in the sector for the last 13 years.

We have recorded glimpse of few of our programs and to view the pictures of our previous events click here-1 and click here-2. To view, the listing of upcoming events kindly click here and our previous workshops can be viewed here.

Feed back is an integral part of BDG Lifesciences, to view the video feedback of our previous events kindly visit our YouTube Channel

BDG  LifeSciences also provides services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including drug discovery, molecular docking, vaccine design, molecular simulations, NGS data analysis, CRISPR/Cas9, designing research projects, etc.