Bec Taylor

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Health and Wellness Coach
In her early twenties, Bec embarked on a career path as a veterinary nurse, dedicating over 14 years to caring for animals and supporting their owners. Her role evolved over the years, from surgical and clinical nurse to facilitating owner education programs. It was a fulfilling journey, until an unexpected turn changed everything.
In 2020, Bec’s life took a drastic turn. Debilitating pain, relentless fatigue, brain fog, and nausea plagued her existence. Despite experiencing intermittent pain and fatigue for years, no diagnosis could explain her symptoms. Until one day, a breakthrough came. After numerous tests, her doctor diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, urging her to seek specialist confirmation.
Though the road was arduous, Bec emerged victorious. Through embracing tools like pacing, cultivating a positive mindset, practicing self-care, and fostering compassion, she reclaimed her life from the clutches of pain. Pain no longer dominated her thoughts; instead, she found joy in the simple pleasures of life.
Bec’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others battling chronic pain. She understands that every individual’s pain journey is unique, which is why she’s committed to sharing her experiences and insights. She eagerly anticipates being a guiding light through programs designed to support individuals in navigating their pain journey.
With unwavering determination, Bec looks forward to building communities and fostering a supportive environment for individuals living with chronic pain through Health and Wellness Coaching. Together, they’ll embark on a journey of healing, resilience, and empowerment, proving that pain doesn’t have to define one’s life.