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Bini is a multifaceted individual, embodying qualities of softness, safety, and a generous spirit. A lifelong learner, Bini is deeply engaged in exploring diverse wisdom traditions, including The Vedas Buddhism, and more, always seeking to integrate this knowledge into daily life. Her journey has been marked by adventure, mystical exploration, and transformative experiences, including living and studying in India and engaging with ancient wisdom practices.

As a qualified Trauma-Informed Occupational Therapist, Bini has worked extensively with communities, schools, and families, focusing on resilience, youth empowerment, and women's self-expression. She is passionate about helping others tap into their intuition and wisdom, moving beyond the confines of conventional thinking.

In her practice, Bini guides clients on a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the interconnectedness of relationships, communication, boundary-setting, and healing. She facilitates expression through sound, voice, movement, and poetry, fostering a deep love that transcends words.

Bini's work reflects a commitment to recognizing the sacredness in every moment and assisting others in feeling safe to explore the depth of their experiences. She is excited to share these insights and connect over tea at HERE, offering a space for profound engagement and growth.