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Brain Injury SA is an organisation that specialises in supporting people living with acquired brain injury.

This includes all people who experience multiple disabilities arising from damage to the brain acquired after birth, resulting in deterioration in cognitive, physical, emotional, or independent functioning. It can be as a result of accidents, stroke, brain tumours, infection, poisoning, lack of oxygen, degenerative neurological disease etc.

Important to us in delivering services to the brain injury community is assisting people understand more about brain injury and its management. This includes people experiencing the impact of brain injury as well as those involved in their rehabilitation, support, and adjustment.

As a Peak Body and a Service Provider, Brain Injury SA works with and for the ABI community to:

  • Empower people to determine and work towards their goals
  • Provide tailored and accessible therapy services to maximise quality of life
  • Assist in addressing barriers and issues arising from living with disabilities
  • Support families and carers
  • Advocate for and work to deliver increased community and government awareness, inclusion and assistance for people living with ABI
  • Continuously improve the value and quality of services through research, evaluation and development

Our vision, to embrace life after brain injury, drives us to provide exceptional supports and services to all the people we work with.