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BREATHE MORETON BAY - Breathing new life into the way that women do business, connect and grow.

BREATHE was created by two local Moreton Bay women: Miranda Murray and Sam Bell, who shared a vision about bringing together like minded women for inspiring networking events that weren't about referrals and swapping business cards and more about genuine connection, business growth and spending time with other women who support each other and want each other to succeed.

About the organisers:

Miranda Murray: Author, Coach, Cheerleader's passion and purpose is to connect and support women to maintain a strong sense of self through life’s challenges and chapters.

Sam Bell:
 Dancer, Child Wrangler, Magician is all about supporting women and girls to be their favourite version of themselves through play, dance and discussion.

Separately these women are experts in their own capacities but together they are even stronger and this sits deep in the foundations of why they created the Breathe Community - women coming together in non judgmental, non competitive spaces is where more creative magic, ideas, growth and life enjoyment can happen.